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Thread: Marines, Okinawa, and rape... Again???

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    Question Marines, Okinawa, and rape... Again???

    This just in:

    Marine pleads guilty in Japan sex crime - CNN.com

    And once again, yet another horndog Marine brings his country shame by giving in to his base instincts. We all know that this isn't the first time something like this has happened; aren't they supposed to have learned their lesson by now?

    But then again, it seems rather suspicious how similar incidents involving Marines and Okinawan schoolgirls pop up every year or so. Maybe -- I'm not saying that it is, but just maybe -- it's a rather ingenious Japanese plot to rid Okinawa of Yankees once and for all.

    What are your thoughts on the matter, o ladies and gentlemen of AO?
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    Re: Marines, Okinawa, and rape... Again???

    Interesting...He plead guilty, but the Japanese released him after the girl withdrew her allegation? I also noticed he got four years confinment? For rape of a child, kidnapping, abusive sexual conduct(that one sounds especialy bad), and making a false report... that's all? Just four years? Wouldn't that get you damn near life imprisonment stateside?

    psychical, Would you be suggesting this stuff is fabricated as a means of "showing us the door"? I would think that rather than go to all the trouble, they would simply tell us to "pack our sh*t up and don't let the door hit us on the way out".
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    Re: Marines, Okinawa, and rape... Again???

    If I were the Marines, I'd keep a closer eye on my boys! If this happened again I wouldn't blame them if they kicked all Marines out. They don't come to our country and rape our schoolgirls. I'd gather the Marines together and remind them to keep it in their pants. But I don't think they would kick them out because of the security they provide (Beside the discusting thing they keep doing to schoolgirls). I don't support the Marines that do that and I think the girl shouldn't have dropped the charges, but the Marines do add a presense ya know.

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    Re: Marines, Okinawa, and rape... Again???

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Still, with the number of rapes reported in the US every day, its amazing that the reports of overseas marines accused of rape are so small...
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    Re: Marines, Okinawa, and rape... Again???

    Indeed - So many girls are afraid to report the rape, I don't think we know how often this really happens.

    I must say, however, because of the actions of a few, do not judge the whole. I have family that are in the Marines, and would NEVER do something so terrible.

    But... Four years? That doesn't seem like enough.

    I think the girl was intimidated.

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