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Thread: Marriage dilemma

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    Marriage dilemma

    Rant =

    My mom's enraged (note: exaggeration) that I am not seriously searching for a companion that I can call as my significant other. I have been on a fence about this whole darn thing because I really enjoy being single. I haven't dated a guy since high school. Even then it was merely an act to please a close friend. Don't get me wrong, I am not a sexist. In fact, I have more male buddies than female ones.

    To satisfy my mom I decided to take the engagement ring off my hand that I proudly wore for years to shun any thoughts of interest off a guy's mind. Sadly enough, that ring of mine did more harm than good. -_-

    /end rant

    Whew! Now that that's off my chest, let me ask y'all for your thoughts on these questions.

    1. Describe your ideal mate.

    2. Where do/did you look for a life partner? University, at work, bar/pub...?

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    Re: Marriage dilemma

    1. I'm not looking for one and most likely never will ^_^
    2. as I stated in #1 I'm most likely never going to marry or even look for a life partner (I guess I find it a bit of a waste lol)
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    Re: Marriage dilemma

    1. Describe your ideal mate.

    Ideal?? Well, originally I wanted a partner who could do everything with me.
    Join me in my wild runs, play video games with, draw and doodle, tell jokes and awful puns, watch action - comedy - horror -and romance movies with, go shopping for awesome fashion, get into philosophical conversations, spar with, eat ice cream with, and just actively play-compete with every day.

    >_> Instead I got a gal who can hardly keep up with me...
    She doesn't like running, she's fairly-new to video games and often gets slaughtered by me, she rarely doodles and draws while I am (though she does when I'm not... which is annoying), she does like jokes and puns though, she watches MOST movies with me (though she hates horror), her sense of fashion clashes with mine, her simple thinking is obtrusive to my philosophical thoughts (though sometimes surprisingly defeats me), she's not good at sparring but she loves wrestling (I'm bad at wrestling), she prefers soda over ice cream, and she's more comfortable sleeping and watching rather than doing things with me.

    But she does love me for me. And I her for her. So...

    It's all about learning what's so great about one another and wanting it to be a part of your life. And willing to fight to have it in your life PERMANENTLY.

    2. Where do/did you look for a life partner? University, at work, bar/pub...?

    I looked everywhere where I talked with another.
    Always look for a partner by talking to others.
    Don't aim for a LIFE partner, just aim for a partner.

    The "life" part will work itself way into the relationship if it's the right relationship.

    Communication is the most important part of building and enforcing any relationship. And always be honest. Otherwise, PFF it's not an honest relationship - which isn't worth it.

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    Re: Marriage dilemma

    1. My Ideal mate is someone who loves God more than they love me and who thrives to better themselve at all times in their lives and with their relationship with God.

    2. My church or where ever God desires me to meet them :].

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    Re: Marriage dilemma

    1. Describe your ideal mate.
    My ideal mate is pretty much like a knight in shining armor, I just want someone that will treat me special and be really protective of me really.
    2. Where do/did you look for a life partner? University, at work, bar/pub...?
    I just hope that we will meet somehow, I am not a social person and I can't even talk to someone who I am interested to be friends with.

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    Re: Marriage dilemma

    well my ideal man

    can show his emotions to you without feeling shamed about it
    needs to have a good sence of houmer
    someone you can trust to never lie to you

    and the perfect place to meet?!
    there isnt one i ment my bf (for the last 3 years) online and i never expected its the best thing when you didnt look and it was there the whole time we were firends before and it just happened so there isnt a right or wrong way to do it and im sure ull find someone whos right for you in your own time you shouldnt need to impress anyone

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    Re: Marriage dilemma

    My ideal man:
    Has nice teeth.
    Has a job.

    Those are just the first two things that popped into my head, I look for a lot of values in people.

    The perfect place to meet:
    I don't think there is a perfect place to meet anyone, it just sort of happens. I say do what makes you happy and you will meet the right person along the way.

    Btw, Bars are never a good place to meet people.

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    Re: Marriage dilemma

    Personally I think that you should never look for love because sometimes in the process of looking for it you force yourself to fall in love because that person matches your description. So I think it's best to just be open minded about dating anyone and let love find you. You never know who you'll fall in love with.

    With that being said obviously if your dating someone that is a abusive jerk and you are in love with that person. Than the question that you need to ask yourself is even if you're in love with that person, do you really want that person in your life? If your the type of person that cares more about what happens to your friends than you do about yourself than ask yourself what you would tell one of your friends if your friend was dating the jerk.

    In my opinion love isn't needing that person it's knowing that you can move on but not wanting to (the needing feeling can also cause you to feel like your in love).
    I suppose Santa Claus doesn't go around delivering semi-automatics, extra mags, and cans of tear gas.

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