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Thread: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

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    Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    *Regarding the nature of media and it's effect on the world. How one report can have such a violent ripple effect and, in effect, cause panic and general OMGWTF-like behavior.

    I'd like to think I'm immune to the bull output by the media and this mainly because I stopped watching the news; it's depressing and very concerned with its own profit. Sometimes when I'm waiting to buy something at a store I'll glance over the headlines or read the snippet on the front page of the papers main article. I never actively seek out information on current events.

    I will totally admit that I'm wicked scared of what the news might be about, so that's another big reason why I don't go out of my way to stay informed. How I see, if the news is big enough it'll get to me by word of mouth.

    I wonder, what does AOland think?

    No one can deny that the media has retarded power over its lowly audience; we are all unquestionably affected by global events and generally we form opinions based on the information given to us; who controls the format and deliverance of that information? Surely we're not being fed lies and stories, obviously--but the press still needs a story. I wouldn't be shocked if they omitted details and facts here or there, in good sport of course, to enrich the plot.

    Honestly, the world is too scary to keep track of. I can deal with crime and even with the "economic recession" but all the stories of carnage and brutality from overseas is too much for me <.<

    On a side note, this recession we're going through is totally wearing a disguise; it's a freaking depression and lots of the people I've spoken with agree. It might not be terrible now but if something spectacular doesn't happen, soon, it will be. One isn't really aware of this in Manitoba. Our economy has never been to up there; we've maintained a nice level and kept that average for a long time. Where we depend on outside sources, or vice versa, is the only place I can really tell that money's tight.

    But in general I laugh at people who are "up to date" with global news and other such riffraff. Is it really that great having all that stuff in your head? Like, those thoughts are dangerous.
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    Re: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    Flaw, you live in Canada, our media is tame compared to our American neighbors to the south, don't believ me? Turn on CTV Headline News (Canada's 24 hour news station) then turn on CNN, you'll see the difference right away. Although I do have to give something to you, Winnipeg does have the highest murder rate in North America (# of murders vs. population size), so the head lines in the 'peg can be a bit scary (I lived there for a couple years, Graduated high school there).

    I personally read the Calgary Sun at work everyday, and I always take news media with a grain of salt. I'd rather be informed and scared then be scared and ignorant.

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    Re: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    I agree. It is amazing how people can get caught up in such media hype. Escpecially in the united states, where media is only as accurate as it wants to be and gets things right half the time and one fourth that time they do it by sure accident. As for Canda's media I cannot say. I don't live in Canada.

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    Re: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    Alaska here:

    And I have to let you know; I have to keep track of the media. So many new things are happening with Alaska. New Taxes; things that can effect my future. I know everything efftect my future, but this is the things I need to know so I can vote on them.

    I find as a responsible adult, I must do my part and know. Not because I fear, but to have no fear. The fear of not knowing scares me. I am to old to hide my eyes away from the cruel world I live in; I am a women after all. Like today on my way to work, I heard on the radio, "A women was eaten by her pet black bear." I know right.. she also kept a lion and a bob cat too. She had licences and everything.. What's this tell me? My love for pets will tell me in the future not to get a wild one.

    Second there were some teenage boys petending to sell [Something] and people would invite them into the house [I don't do this] and have them sit while they were talking about whatever they were selling. The boys would then scope out and see what they want; wait till the time was right, and rob the people when they weren't there.

    You know what that's the last time I am going to let some girl scout girls sell there cookies in my house. Will do it all at the door. >.> I know what I want anyway!

    Okay I am not saying it right. If it's wrong it's wrong, but I am sick in tired of being scared. I know I am not safe, but I also want to know what to look out for, and what to except. Which I'd rather take a: What's that beast said? "One fourth [of] that time, they do it by sure accident." Damn good for me thank you~ !
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    Re: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    I'm one of those people you laugh at flawed LOL, I want to know what's going on the world. I'd like to know what is happening. Which started from two things really. 1) I did a media class in Uni so we had to know what was happening and 2) you tend to want to know about the world around you when your considering travelling and the media is a pretty good for up to date about current events.

    but, I do recognise that some media are in it for the buck. I've pretty much got the Australian newspapers worked out, I know which ones have good reporting and which ones whose headlines reflect using shock tactics to sell papers - well in my own opinion anyway :P

    I also try to get a view on a non-commercial news too (SBS & ABC in Aust). They don't get their money from advertisers, so there is no need to attract audiences.

    Though I'm still careful with how things are reported and who's supporting it etc etc

    I have to agree with ace with this..I'd rather be scared & know..then not knowing anything

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    Re: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    I'm not a big news watcher, I might watch it when I'm bored. I just don't think the news is that important, most of it's like "who cares".

    This thread kind of reminds me of my neighbor though, she would always watch the news, then she would freak out whenever she heard that someone broke out of prison. She would call me up saying "You better lock your doors, and I think their is someone out side." It was really annoying.

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    Re: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    Huh, seems like I got beat. Not enough ignorant people who can handle words.

    At the base of my claims lies the fact that the media doesn't bring anything important to my life and therefore I don't need it. Plenty of changes have happened in Manitoba without mention in the news-- important things.

    Recently the Liquor Commission stopped issuing LC cards, which were special pieces of photoID that were used to purchase alcohol. While this doesn't seem important at all, many people becoming adults relied on this as a main piece of ID in lieu of a beginners or passport. It's ridiculous trying to get ID here; passports are $85 and must be renewed plus most people won't need a passport right as soon as they turn 18, and while the drivers test is easy enough some people just aren't very skilled behind a wheel.

    That should have had some mention, whether it was in the Free Press or even the a small publication like the Harold, considering it was unimportant enough to skip broadcast news entirely.

    I see no value in the news because it's careless and overlooks the "real issues" however real they actually are.
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    Re: Mass Hysteria/Economic LAWL

    I believe current news is just as important as history.

    If you look at my highschool grades in History class, you'll see how much I cared about both topics at that time.

    I can see the several uses of knowing current events around the world, and I can see how the over-hyped things and quick-assumptions made by the media can cause panic and misery amongst the public - how do I solve this?

    ...... word of mouth, actually.

    It's not that I can't be bothered to read a newspaper or watch the news, but... well, I'm a bit childish about it at this point:
    In the newspaper, most of the articles I want to read are either extremely biased or too short.... and I'm just in it to read the comics, really.
    You could tell me to look up more articles to compare and contrast them, but then I think to myself "That's going to take sooooo looooong... Booo." ....
    For the televised/broadcasted news, well... I think their hypeness is crazy, but understandable- they want ratings... but they do give out some useful current news here and there. However, whenever the news is on, a good show on another channel is on. And which would I rather watch an informational channel with either bored or crazy people being professional - or watch some action-packed drama? I do like me some action.

    But it's not like I'm completely deaf to the news. Once a word of mouth goes around about current topics, if I hear something I find really interesting (usually my teachers and professors give out the interesting stuff), I'll look into it myself.

    If it's just semi-interesting... well... okay, now I know about it.

    You could talk economic lows to me, you can talk about political battles, you can tell me reforms and bills and whatever...
    ...but my interest in those is kinda'.... well..... straightforward, I guess.

    Economy bad? Oh... well.... I'm still going to buy that game. I'm helping that economy right over there.

    Democratic nitpicks? ...Iiiii don't really touch that stuff... I support Capitalism because it strangely unites other nations, I see the weaknesses within even a great-working Democracy, and I can see the use of different governments in different cultures. But other than what I just said, AND ONLY WHAT I JUST SAID (I'm not here to argue, I just stated those things), I don't really..... um... care.
    Give me a direct problem that I care for, and I'll complain about it with you.
    But if you're going to tell me how something might get passed that might affect another law, that might affect another law, that might affect the rights of a certain organization, that might affect its rival organization, which in turn will affect the workers of said organization, and eventually lead into a major problem within a neighborhood in my area.....
    ... I'll just say "Good luck with that."... because as much as it CAN affect it, it's still pretty damn indirect.

    Military problems? ...... I'm..... sorry? I never would've joined the military in the first place. In my stupid opinion, I think every soldier and their families should know what in the world they're getting into before they join the military -and that includes international governmental/economic/cultural affairs.

    Now if you're going to talk about a dog who walked 12,000 miles to find his family, then I'm interested... AWWWWWWWWWWW.

    Like I said... I see the use of news, but as a kinda'-supporter of Capitalism, I'm really not against them using scare-tactics. So, I'm not against that. I'm just not interested, sadly.
    I don't fall for hypes, and I can watch the news while still not falling for it.
    The only thing I ever really fell for in the news, was the arguments of Global Warming.
    The news made it sound like there were several scientists that were against the affects of Global Warming, they made it sound like it was a break of 50/50 within the scientific community.

    After my professor brought it up, he actually showed us what the news was avoiding. ... in reality, the arguments over Global Warming is ridiculous as nearly all of the scientific community agrees that it's real and it is an immediate danger.
    Media was avoiding that, including pictures and videos, in order to make it seem interesting to the rest of the public... so they could still have something to talk about.

    It's money, people. That's what makes the news these days.
    Several newspapers are already considered "untrustworthy" around these parts - but fact is, news is news, no matter how biased it is.

    Skim it, and if you're really interested, research it.

    And it feels like the topic is shifting to "Irrelevance" rather than "Hysteria" and "Lies". ...a lot of news is "irrelevant" to us on the direct scale, but on the indirect, it is QUITE RELEVANT.

    I just don't really notice those problems until it is direct.

    If you don't like certain sources, okay then. Pick and choose your sources.
    You don't want to worry about the rest of the world? Stick to your local news sources. I'm sure most places have some form of completely-local news. Just know that global-news affects your local-news.
    You can't censor it, otherwise you're just as much as a hypocrite as they are.

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