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Thread: Meaningful Conversations

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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    I personally think i'm incapable of having these. I can't really help those going through difficult times mainly because i wouldnt know what to say or being afraid of saying the wrong things. Im not a big advise giver. Maybe im just not an empathetic type of person, i have the best of intentions but i just dont get into that stuff.(which is why most of my friends have these damn things without me, leaving me out of the friggn' loop all the time.)
    Thats not cool if i didnt know about my friend just breaking up and me telling him he's far to awkward silence , then followed by a "you idiot"., (didnt happen to me...i know how these go down, so i didnt say anything about it XD)

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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    The most meaningful conversation I've ever had was with one of the special needs kids at my school. I was having a particularly awful day and I was in one of those moods where I've shut myself off from the world lest I blow up at someone or something... so I was deathly quiet and on my way out the school door.

    Mike was standing next to the door waiting for his mother to come and pick him up and my mom hadn't arrived yet either so I waited next to the door fuming over some events which had taken place that day. He simply said "hey buddy."
    I ignored him.
    He asked me, "how yah doin'?"

    I could tell that he expected an answer and wouldn't leave me alone until he got one because he just wasn't getting the hint... (I'm not normally this much of a jurk but I really hated the world and everything in it at that moment.) ... so I told him that I was particularly awful and I said it in a snappy way.
    Still smiling at me mike said, "oh that sux" without missing a beat or giving me a chance to respond he asked innocently "why?"

    I couldn't answer him because it was so much (and yet not enough for me to justify my anger to him.) Here was this kid whose every step through life had been ten times harder then mine, with people being more ignorant to him every day then I'd expect in my entire life time and he was smiling while I got mad at the world. I felt awful and my bad mood was broken. Not because I felt sorry for him, but, because his strength of character was so strong.

    "why are you having a bad day?" he persisted.
    I simply smiled and said, "I guess I'm not afterall"
    "that's good buddy"
    I've heard people say that it only takes fifteen minutes to change a person's life and I have always been the first one to help people when they're having problems. I was greatly humbled in the smiling face of Mike that day (as I think he did it in about five.)

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    Of course. every time i visit my friend we akway talk to catch up and other matter in the world and life. and try to help each other. does not matter what it is it alway got somthing in it
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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    Oh yes I have had quite a few... with my professors in college, with my boyfriend, with members of my family.

    Ok, I don't want to start any argument about religion and stuff. ^_^ not my intention whasoever ^_^

    one that actually has gone deep is "How the 'christian' church is pushing too hard and how it is quite closed to thoughts and beliefs of other people"
    this was with a professor. It was quite deep and it helped me to open my eyes even more with the world. It actually helped me to understand why I have to listen before I react or before I begin to be judgamental.
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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    Quote Originally Posted by kedar View Post
    ~ And to those who are/were in a relationship, do/did you and your lover engage in deep conversations? Done some soul-searching anyone? If so, what were the topics about?
    *points to the question within his signature*
    i believe it is a must for any relationship to last and deveop... i think that without it, a relationship will eventually break down either due to the insecurity of one, or the lack of trust of anther...

    yes, we've actually ad one of late. two days ago to be exact. it was abot college and the way our relationship has been very rocky and out of hand.

    we worked on a long distance relationship for a year now (or on may 5 at least), seeing each other only 3 times (approx 8, 4, and 1 hour respectively) this year, and we've had issues, my insecurity of maybe her finding another guy, or of her fear that i was not telling her everything i felt... this was due to the constant prescence of one guy in all of our convrsations, and of the things he did on valentines or the thing about him actually courting her to become his girlfriend...

    most of my friends actually told me that it was a losing fight, or that it was about time we let each other go ad that long distance relationships never work... but thankfully, we pulled it off until now. and in our latest coversation, we talked about where our relationsip is going, if that i still trust her, and where we plan to star fixing this rocky road we are enduring right now... i guess that nothing really is as stable as it seems...

    no matter how it is, we are working it through... we are engaged after all.

    so i guess that the question quoted above isn't really necessary to ask... because if it doesn't happen, then it will no longer be called a RELATIONship...
    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    Quote Originally Posted by divine_punishment View Post
    Every time my friend Austin and I get together alone, we start talking about very metaphysical things. Last night, in fact, we talked about death, God, Satan, culpability, slavery, feminism, chivalry, and Russian literature. All in one hour.
    It's just the same here ,me and my roommate Mazin we talked and done a huge arguments about each of those sensitive subjects and the talking was pretty long and even now ... and the funny thing is in the end till now no one was able to convince the other! it's strange i guess because both of us are very stubborn ...
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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    I have one... with my darling (Abu)... everytime she gets into serious trouble (with me)...

    Whenever she does something, even if it's minuscule... I can easily tell what it can GROW to be overtime. I can see what one action would cause laziness, how a certain tone would create selfishness, how a single movement would entice naivety... It doesn't even have to be big. I can notice it immediately... almost unforgiving-ly.

    ... You see, it doesn't even have to be a problem NOW, but I know when it'll be a problem later... no matter how far in the future it'll be.

    And then... darling and I have a serious 1-on-1 conversation... it lasts, at the minimum, 1-2 hour(s).
    It can go up to 4 hours, if need be.

    I drill the idea into her skull. Make her see what she's done, what she's really done, what it can do... and I make sure it takes over her every being until she gives me a GENUINE apology.
    I don't trust the "Okay okay, I'm sorry." that teenagers give. And I don't trust the "It'll never happen again." of any person...
    I only trust a sincere apology... an apology that comes from someone who's been torn apart... who's felt like Armageddon happened because of them.

    Know why? Because that's the only way a person will change for the better immediately.
    That's my main concern.

    She knows I do this so she can improve.
    If she had any problems with this, she can always tell me to stop... I've always given her that option, and I keep to that promise whole-heartedly.

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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    My answer will most likely sound very much alike the one of Soshi (above me), because the only really meaningfull conversations I've had of late is with my darling (Ray). There is always a serious conversation, when we get in trouble (hmmm... mostly because of me).

    Therefore this week we had like two (I've been moody). One about what you can and can not do if you're muslim and one about how he'll come to UK. These are two topics that come up from time to time therefore they are the ones I remember. Although each conversation with him seems very meaningfull to me, even if it is simply talking about what we did during the time we were away from the computer...

    Well talking about my bf comming to UK is important to me because that is like the fulfilment of my greatest dreams, I'm really looking forward to it. I talk about it all the time just to make sure that we both are serious about it and that it is going to happen...

    Why talking about islam rules are important to me? Because I'll have to become a muslim if I want to marry Ray, and I'm afraid I might just hate it... I just have to make sure it is not really terrible and I must get used to it...

    Yah, so that's really the most important stuff I've talked about these past few discussions about the meaning of life and likewise... just simple everyday stuff. But when the everyday if just he is around means the world to you, even the simplest thing might be like a new star in the sky... (gee I'm terrible at making similes >.<)

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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