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Thread: Meaningful Conversations

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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    ummm i think the most memorable conversation to me would be the one i had with my bf.

    well i guess we had a bit of a break in our relationship for a while and at one point i couldn't take it.
    so i told him that i loved him. and the thing is at the moment (even now) i believed that he is THE ONE for me.
    And thats what i meant whenever i said i love you to him.
    well to him saying "i love you" like that is like a marraige proposal and there is NO turning back(we believe that divorces are wrong and woould never have one)
    so i told him. well he didn't really see me as his ONE.
    untill a couple months later.
    I was talking to him and he said "I love you not in the boy friend girldfriend type way i mean the husband and wife way".
    i have to say that was the most memorable conversation ever to me. so yea.(still happily together too )

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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    Quote Originally Posted by Lasura View Post
    Why talking about islam rules are important to me? Because I'll have to become a muslim if I want to marry Ray, and I'm afraid I might just hate it... I just have to make sure it is not really terrible and I must get used to it...
    you should be careful on what you're hearing on Islam .. i mean there are some who are very stricter than others and some who are very stupider (they call themselves true islam ,cheh) anyways we can chat on yahoo messenger sometime and be talk more about it if you want to.
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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    of course i like talk about every thing in this life , sometimes i open a good conversations sometimes i don't and i don't know why ... and when i talk to my friend about every thing like love men or something like that she understand me well as i understand her and i like these kinds of conversations ..... =^_^=
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    Quote Originally Posted by LichGRIFFIN View Post
    you should be careful on what you're hearing on Islam .. i mean there are some who are very stricter than others and some who are very stupider (they call themselves true islam ,cheh) anyways we can chat on yahoo messenger sometime and be talk more about it if you want to.
    Yup, I agree completely. I'd rather you explore the matter carefully and think things through before you arrive at conclusion we all hope to be solid. In other words, don't rely on mere hearsay, some of which may be true, some of which are possibly false. If you're interested in exploring Islam further, you could start by Googling reputable sources and reading the Qur'an in its entirety. Yep, in its entirety, without skipping passages, as fanatics and terrorists have been accused of "cherry-picking" statements and ripping them out of context. We'd better not make the same mistake.

    So Lasura (and anyone else wanting to look into the Qur'an), here are some decent translations into English:

    USC-MSA Compendium of Muslim Texts

    And commentaries:

    A short one: – Tafsir al-Jalalayn - ÊÝÓ*Ñ ÇáÌáÇá*ä

    A longer one: Tafsir Ibn Kathir

    Hope they help!

    Back to the topic at hand. Speaking of meaningful conversations, L.G. here and I have had our share of meaningful conversations, a good deal of which are philosophical and religious in nature... and at times funny to boot. Heck, we've managed with a bit of help from Arrianna to transform the "religion" thread over at the Debate section into an AO mini-symposium.

    Here's hoping that others give the matter serious thought before posting. It irks me at times to see people post there just for the sake of racking up a higher post count.
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    Re: Meaningful Conversations

    I think I've had numerous conversations that I can consider as meaningful and special in my life, so it's difficult for me to pinpoint one especially. While some of them are with my friends, many of them, the dearest of them, are with my dad.

    Mostly, the meaningful conversations I've had with my dad are about God and his past, of how he had become what he is now. This always takes place just outside our home, but within our resident gates, on a bench, in the evening. Most of the time, he smokes while he does this, and I would know that something had happened again to make him this sad and push him to light a smoke. And then, I would pay attention, really close attention, because when my dad speaks at these times, what he has to say is important, lessons that I must learn, understand and accept. Secretly, I considered these conversations as if it was God talking to me.

    In my father, I can see a person I admire so much and love wholeheartedly, and when we have these conversations, I can see how life had not treated him well not only by listening to his words, but by watching as he spoke them. I saw the pain in the sound of his words, how tired he now seems to be. And I also see what a hero my dad is, how selfless, how loving; heroic in that quiet way that perhaps only so few can realize. Sometimes, I would ponder on how blessed I am to have my father, and I wondered if anybody else felt for him as I did, dearest and precious. Probably, they did, only differently, but I still feel blessed that I am given the chance to love him as I do now. Everybody knows that all over the world, people suffer in different ways, but it was only in my dad that I felt so close to how life can be unkind, and through all of this, in his words, my dad spoke of God, of faith. When life has stripped a man even of his pride, that is when he learns to depend on God on everything. My dad, who has already denied himself of worldly desires to live a life for God and for his family, it was through my dad that I felt I was loved, ultimately, by God.

    When I watch my dad, I feel how my heart overflows with love for him; I wanted to feel his pain, to perceive as he did, endure as he always had, to be like him. However, I didn't know how to show this love in a way that he will acknowledge and remember, much less comfort him, for I know only God can give him that. And while I sensed his being a hero, I also sense something so human in him, the weaknesses and the regrets. Most of all, through his stories, I could see the life that I might possibly leading... I saw myself in his stories, something I have been keeping from him. Perhaps, my dad was preparing me for an upcoming battle when I would finally venture on life alone. Perhaps, he knew me better than I give him credit for. The thought of life alone scares me, but I know that one day when that time comes, it would be my dad and the lessons he taught me through our meaningful conversations together that I would remember first and most of all.

    My dad has already quit smoking many months ago, but… it seems a long time since we’ve sat and talked.

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