As great as it would be for the news media to be unbiased, its not necisarily profitable to them as then you have say ten news stations saying the same thing. So they throw in their interpritation, biased, putting on a spin, or show case anything that they know will rial or get the attention of their adiances reguardless if they are factual or not by distorting it or leaving out other information to explain why or why not about things or to discredet other news networks and their adiances. Not to mention it shows the political party they are on their side, and some do so in the hopes to gain incentives and thats where things get really cruced and the real division comes in.

This is why I take a grane on sault when ever it comes to the media, expecialy the main stream when it comes to curtain matters because its just an absolut joke to call it news and information.