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Thread: Memorable moments and Fantastic Finales

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    Memorable moments and Fantastic Finales

    so I was sitting one day and I began to think about all of the most memorable moments in not only the anime i have watched but also some the the recent TV shows. So i guess my main point is what memorable moments or Fantastic Finales do you guys like from your anime or shows (be careful of spoilers please)

    Here are some of my choices
    .romance scene from Bakemongatari ep12
    .romance scene from the end of Elfin Lied
    .the season finales of Code Geass and Code Geass R2
    .the final moments in the film Summer Wars
    .the episode "Prototype" from Halo Legends
    .the LOST finale
    .the train scene from Spirited Away

    these are just a few, I would like to hear what yours are
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    Re: Memorable moments and Fantastic Finales

    List threads are not allowed at Animeonline, as they do not generate quality discussion.

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