I can recall plenty of times when I get worked up emotionally and wonder why I can't simply remove certain memories. But as Aceman said, we learn from our memories. The good and the bad--especially the bad. If you could only have good memories, you wouldn't remember the time you (hypothetically) stuck your fork in an electric outlet and got seriously shocked, would you?

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Everytime I get angry I feel teh rage of not just that event, but all the events that made me feel like this as well. I can mostly recall every angry moment I have ever had, and attack the person with it all.
I know how that goes. It takes a lot of self-control to make yourself kinda leave past angry moments out of the current angry moment. When I was younger, I had no control over it. If I had an angry moment, I'd be having every past one with it--all angry moments were one, LOL. On occasion, I slip up and have one of those days but, I have to be super angry.