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It has to be when I emigrated to America and first arrived at my new house. I was only four then, and quite puny. The most mesmerizing moment of that experience?

Going inside, laying on the couch, and looking up at the ceiling. It was one of those houses with cool interiors, and the ceiling was so high... So very high... Being poor before then, I've never been in a two-story house, and like I said, I was darn puny. And even then the ceilings of my old house seemed a lot lower.
Ah now that is a good moment i could tell, but for me it would have been all great and all, due to the fact i was naturally borned, and raised here in the U.S.
If you were emigrated it has been a great view to enter in this country.
Here is another mesmirized moment that i had here in the past few days:
My mesirized moment i received was when i was looking up in the sky pretending to see a great bright future for me and my dearest one after looking up at the sky for a moment i simply looked down, when there was a fascinating view of the water sparkling down in my town with the sun shining towards me.
This is what made my imagination turn around like i have never seen before and that is how everything this year has changed me enitrely in my characteristics.