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Thread: Misery and Co.

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    Misery and Co.

    "When you are miserable, you need someone more miserable than yourself."

    Let's discuss the idea of "misery loves company". If people never felt that way then the saying would never exist. In terms of "wanting company" there is a range. For example:

    1) Getting a bad test score. Speaking for myself, on occasions like these, I start to compare with classmates hoping to look for similar scores. (If anyone seen Azumanga Daioh, they will know what I'm talking about)

    and then theres:

    2) Kids who beat up other kids at school, because they get abused at home and/or adults who commit violent crimes for the sake of making people feel pain.

    So for this thread, just want to see if you can answer these questions:

    a) Ever had one of those moments, where you were miserable and you were seeking a person who is either just as miserable or more miserable than you are?

    b) If yes, then were you doing so to look for comfort, or you simply did it to feel better about yourself, or you just want someone else to "boohoo" together?

    c) When a person is miserable and they "look" for company, why do you think they do?

    And finally, optional question.

    d) If you answer "no" to (a), then why are you posting in this thread?

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    Re: Misery and Co.

    Yes I've had those moments where I've sought out the help of others. I like to find a person or persons that share my pain and can comfort me or cry with me because it helps me get over it. But I don't always feel that way, sometimes I just want to be alone and work things out myself. Guess it depends on how bad I feel about whatever the situation I have. I think people look for others for comfort because it's human nature. Humans are social creatures and it's natural for them to reach out to someone to help.

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    Re: Misery and Co.

    I certainly have had those moments... more on a subconcience level though. I think during my most miserable state of life, I sucked people into my misery. I had always been the type who is easy to care about. I took advantage of that fully. And every hand that was lended to me, I slapped. Mainly to ward them off... Every ear willing to listen, got drowned in my grief. I didn't do this intentionally. I saught comfort... I just didn't realize how uncomfortable it was to be around happy, shiney people; when I felt so low. I also didnt realize that getting people to greive FOR me, was actually forcing them to grieve WITH me.

    I think the most damaging misery, is that of a bored person. The underachiever who doesn't try to improve. I'm dealing with a person like this right now. Someone who tries to distract themselves from their own misery. Not addressing their problems... Then they manipulate the lives of others because they have so much spare time. That is, I think, the purest form of misery loving company.
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