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Thread: Modern conveniences

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    Re: Modern conveniences

    I couldn't possibly live without the computer. My life is so lonely whenever I'm not logged on . . .

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    Re: Modern conveniences

    Ooohh... Hard question to answer. I believe that if I had to go without everything except for one thing, I'd have to say indoor plumbing. I've used outhouses before (when I went to Thailand) and they suck!! Not to mention that having them cleaned reeks worse than using them. Ugh...

    I couldn't bear the thought of living in a house with no plumbing and having a toilet full of crap (literally). Would you live in a house that smells like crap and ammonia? I know I wouldn't. And even if we had outhouses, I probably wouldn't use them. I used a toilet at Fort Snelling (the old fort snelling) and got a splinter on my ass from a friggin' wooden toilet seat! How bad is that???

    Yeah, definitely indoor plumbing.

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    Re: Modern conveniences


    I live somewhere hot now, and I never was one for the hot months, so air conditioning, fans, whatever are a necessity for me.

    My sister is diabetic, so we need to keep her insulin cold, electricity helps there too.

    Plus it supports all of the things we take for granted. How could I do this without electricity. I have the only land-line phone in the house.

    How would I watch my anime? Granted If need, I could live on manga, but one can live only on mange for so long before the withdrawl starts. Then..... madness!

    Yeah, for me it's your basic electricity.

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    Re: Modern conveniences

    what do you mean by modern? like in the last 50 years? 100? 1,000? i mean, shoes and houses are a nice convinience aren't they? but for the sake of the thread, i'll keep it in the past 50...

    um... i'd hate to live without indoor plumming... it's easier for guys, but girls ALWAYS have to sit down to do their business... especially with that monthly cycle thingy~! so yeah, plumbing would be a big hit for me!

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