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Thread: MODS out of control

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    MODS out of control

    I begaing to see some sensorship here ,
    Mods moving threads and locking them , it's like they don't like what they see
    you come up with a thread and they lock it or move it to some unknow area or it under someone's else name, it kinda makes you not want to post anything at all , Too much sensorship
    the mods don't like your threads it seems.
    What is going on here anyway?

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    Re: MODS out of control

    It may seem like that Manga artist....but they are just doing their job...
    for a moment there....I was thinking the same thing....but they also do have rules to abide too.....and it may seem strict to some cannot blame this on them.......

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    Re: MODS out of control

    We're far from doing it to censor anyone. There have just been a lot of threads these days that lack anything.. interesting at all. And if I recall, we've never moved threads to some "unknown" area or put it under someone else's name(whatever that means).

    If you do have any general comments or questions, take it up with the staff directly in a PM rather than posting a thread.


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    Re: MODS out of control

    On a side note, the only, ONLY, time we ever delete a post or an entire thread is when its a severe breach of site rules, like advertising for instance, for anything else, the thread just gets closed.

    As for some "Unknown location" there's only one section on the forum that the general community can't see, and thats the staff forum called the "Black Mesa Research Facility", so why would we move a low quality thread to the staff forum where It'll never be posted in when its already not being posted in where everybody can see it.

    As for your threads disappearing, Older threads do get retired to the vault after a time, so take a look there if you can't find anything.

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    Re: MODS out of control

    Also, if you start a thread on a subject that already has an open thread (which I believe is what you mean by "moving threads under someone else's name"), mods may choose to merge it with the existing thread. There's really no reason to have two or more open threads on the same topic.
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