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Thread: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    For me, the most amazing place I have been to is New York City. As I come from a small town, on an island, even most British people don't even know where it is. Its very different to see all the tall builds around, especially in Times Square. Just seeing the different surrounds makes you feel so small yet its a wonder to see.

    I don't often travel much but it was worth going to New York. I really enjoyed being able to walk out of my hotel room, and getting lost trying to find it again after being out all day. It was really an eye opener for me to experience something so new to me and be accepted there. Even if I was afraid to speak because my accent stood out so much, I felt a little insecure.
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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    I don't even remember things I visited last Summer. Even though I visited many places I can't remember them clearly at all...

    Let's see here... Ah yes, a nice place I do remember is Matsuyama. Visited it last year and it was awesome. Visiting this temple Tsurara might know the name of. (Maybe it was all part of the Ishite-ji complex...)


    Then, from behind the temple, getting lost in the hills surrounding the city and seeing freaky Buddhist statues and a school.

    And after that heading back into town for a nice relaxing evening at the famous Dōgo Onsen.

    To finish it off I went shopping for some nice stuff after my bath.

    I guess it's more like a collection of places but it was awesome nonetheless.

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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    Ah, yes...Though some may find it funny, some intrested, My favorite/most amazing was when I went on a School Trip to Quebec. We stayed in the 5 star hotel and everything there was simply perfect. I can't really describe too well, since it would a rant, but the people were so nice [Minus a very rude note on a wall in graffiti] the dining was spectacular, and the sights were breathtaking. Not to mention all the foreign merchandise and whatnot. Brilliant stuff really. This year I may have a chance to go to Europe and France by plane, so I'm looking forwards to that as well.
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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    There has been a couple of places that was amazing for me to go to...Yes some of them not many would go to but most have.

    I'm not to sure if anyone knows of Deep Creek in North Carolina. It's freezing water but it's fun to raft down. When I was younger my first Christmas with my adoptive parents they took me up there to meet my adoptive mothers family. They took me to Deep Creek for a family reunion. I loved water and they knew this. Even though it was winter I was still playing in the creek.

    Disney was another one. When I was younger about 10 I went there but it wasn't anything really special. Though when you take someone that has never been there in his life and watch them experience it for the first time it's awesome. My husband is from Texas and he's never been there but watching him go through Disney was amazing.

    My personal Favorite is Puerto Rico. I started school there and I love the beaches. I'm trying to back down there. Though I would love to go down there with friends and my husband. I have family down there and it was the best place I ever went to in my life.
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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    There's some places i would like to visit (again). I miss those places and nowadays it starts to fade away. Poor thing because it feels like i'm in heaven. Ridiculous maybe...but still home sweet home.

    North Oxford is a nice place. It also home for dragon school and writer of lotr, sir tolkien. both are the amazing place. A bustling city but still there's sense of countryside there. i feel peace and the view somewhat (for me) still breathtaking although i'm not there and only can see it from photos.

    Heidelberg at Germany also a beautiful city you must see. Personally, I love Heidelberg when it's autumn when the wood turns to golden yellow and red. and when the night comes, it's a romantic city. I love the old bridge on top of neckar river. you can see heidelberg castle from the old bridge. Really a fantastic experience. I love Heidleberg so much.
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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    Let's see here... Ah yes, a nice place I do remember is Matsuyama. Visited it last year and it was awesome. Visiting this temple Tsurara might know the name of. (Maybe it was all part of the Ishite-ji complex...)
    Sorry Hassun, not a clue!! I've never been to Matsuyama. I don't get out much, being more or less tethered to my job. But the photos are great. Temples 50-53 (of the 88) are in Matsuyama... Ishite-Ji is one of them. So your guess would seem logical

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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    Hmmm... the most amazing place I've been to? Let me think... Well, I enjoy everything through my life and I have a bad memory so I usually remember the nice feeling only when I stumble across it again.

    I guess the South Africa trip did affect me a bit. I enjoyed it all, but there was something that really took my breath...
    We went to a place called "God's window". It is a mountain. To get to the top we had to climb stairs. It wasn't the highest climb I've done, but there was a feeling like you're climbing to a temple of some kind.

    There it was the last corner before we get to the top. The view already is wonderful and then we turn over that corner and I just gasped and stopped. Right over that corner, from nowhere a rain forest appeared, the entry to it was between the cliff and a rock and it looked just like a door to another world.

    And the rain forest it self- the most beautiful thing I’ve seen sp far in my life, full with colors of the rainbow and with trees so green, the ground was laid with grey rocks and the air here was suddenly so fresh, so mild… That was great. Then you could go out of there and take a look down (from the viewpoint close to God’s), it was great too, but nothing in the whole trip could impress me as much as that rain forest.

    The other place where I really felt peace was in my parents land… We have forests (that are being cut down by those damn neighbors though) and we were cleaning it up for the whole day.
    And now the sun was already setting and I had got out of the forest and took a walk beside its borders and… there was a little hill, surrounded by birch trees and I climbed on it and looked at the land and the sun setting behind the forests on the other side and I just felt peace…
    I’ll definitely put a bench there one day and just sit there with my love and enjoy the life….

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    Re: The Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been

    Well I would have to say that it's a toss up between Lookout Mountain in Tennesse and Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

    Lookout mountain is a beautiful place where you can see (on a clear day) seven states from one spot. It also has Ruby Falls in it. The falls are the tallest underground waterfall. It is a place that I would like to go back and see sometime again.

    Niagara Falls, well what can I say, you just need to see it once and fell the power of the horseshoe falls to understand. The horseshoe falls are on the Canadian side, though the US side is nice as well, it is not as big as the Canadian side. It is also a place I would like to return to again.

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