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Thread: most funnest song you ever heard

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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    well the title says funnest so i must say the most fun song ive heard is probably "Ch Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Rurururerurero" by Maximum the Hormone. come on, with a title like that, how can you not dance?

    for funnIest song i must say its a toss up between "Yeah Toast" sung by Heywood Banks and "Another Irish Drinking Song" by Davinci's notebook.

    Yea Toast is basically a song that tells of the wonders of toast and the main instrument (or only one besides the vocals) is two forks on a toaster.

    Another Irish Drinking Song (omg an aids acronym XD) basically tells of many funny irish deaths, such as an 80 year old dying while having sex and a man falling out of his car while going home from the pub.

    i suggest looking them up on youtube. i would post links but at the moment i am at school, and the server we use blocked youtube.
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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    My favourite funny song is "Tribute" by Tenacious D, I find it just great. And it's not plain funny, it is irronizing, it is a parody... I really, really enjoy listening to it. And Jack Black's voice is just shockingly good. So yea.. yay for Tenacious D!!!!

    Well then I would agree with Ray and flaminghate that Weird All is great!!!!!!!!!! ^^ I love his song "White and Nerdy". I love parodies the most and Weird All makes the best!!!

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    well this one is funny(I dont know how that hell are the singers) but isnt that funny without watching this video

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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    I like Tim Wilsons "I could be wrong". Not only was it funny, but it's true, especially the part about Paris Hilton. It's kinda a funny comentary on celebrity and entertainment. The only place I've ever heard it is on "The Bob and Tom show".

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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    I must say my favorite funny song is POS car by Adam Sandler, when I first herd this song I could not stop laughing. It was the theme song to my old car.
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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    Tenacious D's music is all hilarious to me. Especially the song they sang in the movie as they fought the devil.
    Another good singer for comedy music is Rodney Carrington.....it is country music *sigh* still somewhat decent though. To me it almost seems as if he makes fun of country music at times.

    Picking one song in particular though....I would have to say. Tenacious D "Wonderboy" Just hilarious. I love the music video with it, pretty sweet take on the song.

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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    One of the funniest has to be Oops i farted again by britney spears/ Weird al... it's class heres a link as well...

    YouTube - Opps I Farted Again

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    Re: most funnest song you ever heard

    Ahh funnysongs will always be in the palms of the arrogant worms, tenacoius D, and eminem at some points. Arrogant worms have this AMAZING song call sleep lil slug and it is just extremly humorous. It's about:
     click to show spoiler
    I's really funny you should liten to it.
    Tenacious D is the stupid kind of funny, for example the song inwards breathing whihc made me snort milk out of my nose HAHAHA. it's not really a song but is the best skit u will ever hear and the title of the song basicly tells the theme of the song.
    Eminiem is also stupid funny, whihc i dont enjoy for the thrill of hoe it sounds. Eminem isn't that good unless he's seroiuis and thats why im considering him off my list :P

    thats a breakdown of some of my funniest music. best music for funnyness are funny happyhardcore music^^

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