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Thread: Most Powerful Power In This World

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    Re: Most Powerful Power In This World

    Quote Originally Posted by Peach_follows View Post
    I don't get it... What is time? Its just a concept. Like love...

    What if the sun were to burn out leaving everything in darkness. The sun is one of the most key pieces to how we measure time.

    Not to mention.... Life doesn't exist without the sun... so who would be around to measure or appreciate the concept of time? If time DID still exist after that... it would just be in a void of nothingness. What kind of existence is that?

    Its kind of like the whole tree falling in the forest thing. If no one is around to hear the tree fall does it make a sound? If there is nothing existing in time... does TIME still exist?
    You have a valid point there. But time can take on many meanings, i suppose it's the way you look at it. From one point of view it is a sort of measurement that we can distinguish different events from each other.

    But to me it is the accumulation of forces in the universe that moves matter and energy from there original position to the next. Doesn't matter if no one is there to see it, as long as matter, space and energy exists so will 'time'.

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    Re: Most Powerful Power In This World

    Great drive and enthusiasm is enough to set any course of events into effect. Gratitude towards a higher power keeps one humble no matter how many blessings one has in life or the afterlife. Money, time, physics are just temporary. Love, mind, death all emanates from God so keep humility. The ultimate power is God in that God keeps everything rock solid. The umoveable mover. The prima mobilae. The Godess keeps a covenent to answer prayers petitioned for the troubled and can intervene in times of crisis. Do good for God and seas will part and enemies will be burnt. God prevails throughout the end of time.

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    Re: Most Powerful Power In This World

    Fusion generator? o.o It has the power of the sun... uuu....

    Lol i sound like a nerd xD

    Love ^^ it ties us together.. if you love someone.. you cant control them with money most of the time.. instead.. they might control your money instead >.<

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    Re: Most Powerful Power In This World

    i would say human mind is the most powerful thing in the world...the human mind has lots of creativity...and sometimes could very dangerous...without the mind...all the technologies we have now...might never exist...so use your mind when do something...

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