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Thread: The most special day in your life?

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    The most special day in your life?

    Have you ever had a very special day? A day that you would remember all the way till your soul gets ripped away from your body? Maybe even when you get all the way into heaven??

    Describe how that day went.. and why it is so special to you.. ^^ Do you celebrate that day?With who you celebrate it? anything to add to it


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    Re: The most special day in your life?

    The most special day in my life would have to be the day my son was born. I was happy, excited, nervous and jittery as all hell. Then I get phone calls from everyone and thier friggin' grandma, sayin', "She's havin' the baby!!" As I'm leaving to go to the hospital, LOL.

    That was the very first time I held my son in my arms. It was the greatest ever! So on a technical level, my son's b-day would be the most special day. And hey! I get to celebrate it on a annual basis! LOL.

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    Re: The most special day in your life?

    Its not special in a good way, more like it was terrible. I remember the exact day my dad died. It was like the most devastating thing EVER. I went on and on about it until I went out the next morning. I won't ever forget it though

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: The most special day in your life?

    Probably the first day that I had met my gf. We had arranged to meet at the local mall and she was 30 minutes late from the traffic. It was an awesome day for the first hour we were able to hang out together.

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    Re: The most special day in your life?

    The most special day in my life up to this moment would have to be when I got accepted into the college of my dreams......Harvard University........
    I still remember the day very clearly......it was a Saturday and I had just returned form the movies with my friends when I entered my house and my parents were giving me funny looks....and it was then that I say the letter from Harvard.....
    it was the most nervous wracking seconds of my life when I was opening the letter and then it was followed my five minutes of shock and dumbfound.......and then pure bliss and happiness.......

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    Re: The most special day in your life?

    April 26, 2004

    ^_^ my last class of the day had just got out, i had just enough time to run to my locker and then run up the hill... i waited there with my Guatemalan shawl, a ring, and a whole lot of nervousness...

    Soshi came up the little path and was genuinly surprised to see me there before him. i motioned (or did i ask him) to come sit down in front of me. when he did, i brough out the ring, i mumbled about how i don't want this to be a chapter thing, but to go on forever... and that, i love him.

    "I love you too." is what he said. there was a rush of happiness and then i leapt into his arms and we hugged and hugged and hugged...

    ^_^ and that's how it all began!

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    Re: The most special day in your life?

    i never forget 2004 when the Europe soccer cup was here in Portugal,my friends and I skipped school to lay down on grass, waving "Hi" to all ppl who was in Portugal for the 1st time... we ate cookies we drunk pepsi and cocacola, we play a lil bit soccer we all were dressed in white t-shirt...well was the most beutiful day to all of us( to me and to all my friends)
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    Re: The most special day in your life?

    My special day was the last day of 8th grade. We all went crazy, even the teachers!We started running around the school screaming, "High School here we come!" We play fight. My crush confessed his love to moi! We made our teachers dance, and our principal do 50 push-ups! We ate like pigs. At the end of the day everyone cried
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