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Thread: Are mythical stories true?

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    Well, Mythology and Myths are usually comprised of stories told to 'teach and explain' such as the stories of the Greek Gods and Goddess, and that's categorized into Greek religion.

    But to call that Mythology that would make all the religious stories of every religion myths and legends. So, when you believe in a religion and Warship a diety, that essentially means you believe in Mythical stories. ( But generality and specifics are different, but acknowledging one as truth basically acknowledges the rest.)

    I respect the old myths and legends and enjoy them a lot. So I guess you could say I surf upon their possibilities.

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    well something mythical is created to make ppl take exmple and literally to pratice in real live, Myths never are real by any chance, As Fernado Pessoa(a very famous Portuguese Writer) Said "Myth is nothing but gives you everthing"...even Hope!

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    Sometimes... it takes finding out the truths, that cause us to lose that sense of mythology in our lives. When you start to believe in something, and have it crushed, or proven false, it can be damaging, or relieving. Truths and myths can be the same, and can be complete opposites. When you find the myths and truths to be similar things, or one story and another are of the same thing... that's when you truely begin to understand that "We" are the reasons that myths were created. Myths born of truth, twisted by "Us" and formed into something else, is what creates mythology. Kudos to those that said it before I. Just never doubt by word of mouth.

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    Quote Originally Posted by shoru View Post
    We've all heard mythical stories through out our childhood. But do the stories mean something? Wore they just made up to scare us into doing something or to make us act a certian way, or are the stories theirselfs the product of truth?
    I believe to an extent some of the stories are true, at least in the moral and educational sense. What about you guys?
    Myths r stories that r created ta explain the various happenings within one's environment or other phenomenon (i.e. volcano erupts, it must b Vulcan workin' his furnace). Legends r stories that r told and r taken ta b historical, but cannot b proven or were proven otherwise. What ur talkin' 'bout sounds doesn' sound like either of these two, it sounds more like a fable. A story that is told in order ta teach a lesson, like little red riding hood or others like it. Some may have been based; somewhat; off of fact and, like fireandice said, were embelished more and more wit each retellin'. Many of these fables r still told ta this day and r still used ta convey a lesson. Even I was told some when I was a kid, jus' ta help me understand what was considered acceptable behavior.

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    it was once said that every story has a grain of truth,
    I have come to believe this as, I myself am quite interested in the mythology
    of creatures such as dragons, werewolves, even unicorns.
    in some form they still exist even if it is only in a story.

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    They're called mythical stories for a reason. They're myth and nothing more. A tall tale with a built in moral to teach the younglings. Almost like scripture but with a fairy tale flavor to it. Were myths true, we'd all grow boobs from eating chicken, while riding our griffins to work at our jobs as unicorn rustlers and live off of gypsy tears and ambrosia.

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    Well I believe that some of these stories, those of elfes, unicorns, dragons, devils, feries, spirtis etc. are true, and nothing can make me think differently because I just like to believe in it... For me it's great to believe that these creatures exist amongst us, they seem wonderful to me... and believing in it doesn't do me any harm ^^
    Well that is just about my thoughts...

    If we talk more seriously, I'll repeat what overload said: "Ever Story Has a Grain of Truth" And I really trust that each story has started because of something real.
    For example, dragons are really alike dinosaurs (there really was a dinosaur breathing hot steam), either that or, dragons look like a begemot, crocodile and straus put together People went to Africa, saw odd things, told someone, they misunderstood and so we got dragons Still kinda from truth...

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    Re: Are mythical stories true?

    I have a very broad imagination.......and i used to love listen to the myths and legend....i think they are r healthy for kids for expanding their minds.......
    And now it all makes sense..........since one of my majors is Anthropology and Ancient Studies.......

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