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Thread: mythology

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    this could be fun to learn about and it will help you in class ok anyways,mythology?do you know any stories?i do let me start.____________________________________________ ____________

    Medusa was a terrible monster who had laid waste to the country. She was once a beautiful maiden whose hair was her chief glory, but as she dared to vie in beauty with Athena, the goddess deprived her of her charms and changed her beautiful ringlets into hissing serpents. She became a cruel monster of so frightening an aspect that no living thing could behold her without being turned into stone. All around the cavern where she dwelt might be seen the stony figures of men and animals which had chanced to catch a glimpse of her and had been petrified with the sight. Perseus, favored by Athena and Hermes, the former of whom lent him her shield and the latter his winged shoes, approached Medusa while she slept, and taking care not to look directly at her, but guided by her image reflected in the bright shield which he bore, he cut off her head and gave it to Athena, who fixed it in the middle of her Aegis.
    from Bulfinch's Mythology

    Many later images of Medusa thwart our expectations of what she should look like. From the previous story, we are led to believe that she was a creature so hideous in appearance that her very glance could petrify the viewer. However, in works such as the Medusa Rondanini, Medusa has the face of a beautiful woman. It is only her expression of deep sorrow - and the intertwined snakes around her head - that hint that this is a representation of the monster of myth and legend. This manner of depiction reveals that Medusa was originally a lovely woman - it was her tragedy that she was foolish enough to compare herself to a goddess.

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    Re: mythology

    Here's a Norse Myth for u, it's one I haven' read inna while, so there probably won' b any details. Evry1 remembers Loki, he was known as the God of Mischief 'fore he was known as the God of Evil. Durin' this time, He took Thor's hammer, Mjornir, and hid it away; as a joke. When Thor found out that it was gone, he was furious. Loki, jokingly, berrated his brother for losin' his hammer 'fore finally revealin' ta him the joke. He led Thor ta the hidin' place of the hammer and found that it was gone. Thor was furious and in order ta b spared his brother's wrath, Loki went lookin' for the hammer. He found out that the leader of the Frost Giants had found the hammer and took it. Loki knew that he couldn' overcome the Frost Giant wit power, so he used guile and tricked the Giant inta givin' him back the hammer. Loki took the hammer back ta Thor and in order ta prevent this from happenin' again, Odin enchanted the hammer so that no one, save someone truly worthy, could wield the hammer again.

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    Re: mythology

    Oh SWEET! MYTHOLOGY! I know one. The story of Zeus. Zeus was the ninth of nine children. His mother and father were Hera(A Goddess) and Kronos(A Titan). Now before Hera's first child was born, Kronos went to go see an oracle. The oracle told Kronos that one of his children would overthrow him. So, in order to prevent this, Kronos began to eat every child that Hera gave birth to. So eventually Hera got tired of this. When the ninth child, Zeus, was born, she replaced his body with that of a rock and then hid him from Kronos. Kronos then ate the rock believing that it was Zeus(Apparently it looked just like him lol). After this, Hera secretly hid the boy inside of Gaia(The planet itself and also Hera's mother) until he grew into a man. When this happened, Zeus then challenged Kronos and all of the other titans. The following war wiped out just about all of humanity. But, in the end, Zeus won and banished all of the Titans. He then married Hera and became king of the gods. Apparently incest didn't exist then. I hope I got all of the detail right.

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