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Thread: need help.

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    need help.

    So im having this issue i cant seem to deal with on my own. I really Love this girl but we;re not together anymore and like its hard to move on cause i truely love her and all. But like all my friends say i need to move on cause she treaats me bad but like she makes me happier then anyone can. ANd like she says she loves me and cares and all this and she said she wants to be together but i asked her out and she said no so like we've dated 7 times. and it seems she only wants me back when im with someone else and then ill dump that person then she doesnt want me.... shes the only person that has ever made me as happy and feel that way ever and i have 61 ex's so its not that im not use to dating its just i love her and idk what to do she keeps having me wait and i do but i waited a total of 7 months for like 2 months of dating =( and ive triend like just dating other people yet shes all i can think about. like she plays head games, doesnt care how i feel and yells alot (emotionally abusave relationship ive been told) and like she never knows when to stop theres been more than one time when she got me so depressed i wanted to commit suicide and like i hate feeling like this. and all my friends are mad i dont move on but they dont understand that i cant. she makes me feel so alive and like everytime we kiss it still gives me the same butterfly feelings as the first. And im just soo lost so does anyone have any ideas of how i should handle this
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    Re: need help.

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