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Thread: nerd????

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    Re: nerd????

    Quote Originally Posted by AnimeGeek View Post
    I guess what ppl see as a nerd is someone who is everything but a prep. That sums it up pretty nice. Ppl also think nerds are ppl who have hobbies that are not "cool" or are book worms, cuz we all know being smart isn't "cool". aha but if people call you nerd don't let that put you down! that goes for everyone ^_^ u are who u are and be proud of it!
    nicely put ^.^ its a little funny (a little bit) but most people like books... I mean not all people like them so much that they are reading them any free time that they get... And also most people do not have alot of time to do these chat rooms... >.<
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    Re: nerd????

    I think its mainly someone who sits in front of a computer all day and plays video games non stop without getting a taste of real life, like playing sports or doing some outdoor stuff, or going some where with friends. Also maybe someone who dresses real geeky like and wears those big square glasses with the tape in the middle.lol

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    Re: nerd????

    i guess i cant apport anything else, but i think a nerd is some one who isnt another sheep( i wanna give more dignity to the nerds lol). Someone who doesnt like the foolish and "exciting" things. i watch 'Scared' and i wanna know: why are there so stupid ppl jumping in skateboard, over the edge of death and saying proudly: I am that one?
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    Re: nerd????

    he he... I used to be called a "nerd" when I was in school... (through elementary to Senior High) *sight* it wasn't realy fun though. the thing that bothered me the most wasn't the nickname, but the fact that the same people that made fun of me where who later on (in finals most of the time) asked for help so they wouldn't fail the tests and the year....
    However I wasn't an ordinary "nerd".... they called me nerd just 'cos I read and studied... but I also went to parties *remembers* OH GOOOD TIMES!!!!!! I wasn't introverted at all, I also planned pranks and stuff... but oh well... some people think that 'cos one likes to study one doesn't like to have fun...

    IN times actually I liked that concept people had about me... it was a great cover up... lol :evil:
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    Re: nerd????

    We could define a nerd by either:1-a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
    And unattractive person is what you can concentrate on
    or 2-an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.
    & definiton no.2 is what people usually mean
    anyway there isn't a great difference between a geek & a nerd;for the geek could be define as: a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp. one who is perceived to be overly intellectual.
    As you see the difference about geek & nerd is only that the geek is peculiar!

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    (By the way, the Lord of the Rings books were better than the movies.)
    as you say Lord of the Rings books were better than the movie:I think that this is partially right(eventhough it's long & could be borring),but for me I like the movie,it isn't that bad,& also HarryPotter's books are for me better than the movie
    Why's that?
    the reason is I don't like HarryPotter! & I dislike the movie!;for it has lack of action or whatever,& I don't like the books too though!

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    Re: nerd????

    All this name branding and name calling for nerds is sad. I was called one when i was younger all because i didn't want to cause trouble at home and wanted to make sure my folks were proud of the grades i brought home. funny thing there the people who made fun of me where the first ones to ask me for help tutorials and sate beside me during exams. one of them even sent my mom a box of brownies just to be able to come to the house and ask for help with homework.
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    Re: nerd????

    Quote Originally Posted by girlicious View Post
    some people call me other people nerd but wat is a nerd is it wearing to skool rather than contacts or reading when a teacher tells u to so wat does define a nerd i just wanna noe
    In my school nerd is often use to reffer to a clever much stronger in the mind person than the person calling them a nerd, the only thing they lack is self power. like Phyciality power. Because they are cleverer they often get reffered to Nerd which i belive most of the time comes out the mouth of a jealouse person, unfortunatley i have never been called a nerd so know one is jealouse of me i perfer it eitherways. Thats my belifes anyways...

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