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Thread: New year !

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    New year !

    Okay maybe it's a bit too late or a bit early but whatver , since it's around the new year time , I ask what are your resolutions for this year ( whether you keep or break them is a different story ) ? XD mine would definitely to atop cussing lol XD what bout you ?

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    Re: New year !

    01. Get back into my old fit-shape before the wedding.
    02. Make more creative projects for myself (writing and drawing) and stick with 'em.

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    Re: New year !

    1. Straight A's
    2. Work ethic
    3. Working out
    4. Becoming extremely social
    5. Doing new things
    6. Embracing myself
    7. Coming to terms

    I guess if I could sum it all in one resolution it would be becoming a new man.


    I'm on my grind in search to find whats on my mind, its one of a kind!

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    Re: New year !

    I should get into more writing. And Sing more. And be a better friend. lmao. Dude idk. I wanna be a better singer. Maybe a better daughter. lol
    Shippo is determined to become a lvl higher
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    Re: New year !

    I am proposed to...

    1. Maintain where I am with my weight and hopefully grow a few more inches. The later is unlikely. As I hear, most girls don't grow vertically as they get past 21 years of age. =(

    2. Venture with a romantic relationship, just to appease my mother. I am hoping for the contrary.

    3. Investment. Now that I almost cleared out my loans for PA school, I would like to invest part of my salary into some mass-money-making prospect.

    4. Learn a guitar. I keep putting this off for ages, and I think I am finally going to invest part of my yearly salary into a guitar instructor.

    5. Be more active here on this forum. Hopefully more people will start to care for this place and it will be like old days, only new. Honestly, I think animeonline needs a facelift to make it more appealing for the masses. Come on owners, make it happen. I would like to be able to tinker around with my profile page. Anyways, that's just me yapping, don't mind me. ~,~

    I had more things to say, but I didn't refresh the page enough and everything I wrote disappeared. Once I get over my laziness, I will consider editing my post. Mostly, they were random things.

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    Re: New year !

    Happy New Year to all ,can someone tell me i want to watch something like Vandread so please help me


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