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Thread: New Year around the Corner

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    Re: New Year around the Corner

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazuka View Post
    OH.. a group of men in a suite together in SAN FRANCISCO. I wonder what kind of excitement that will bring.

    I'm not big on the New Year resolutions but I tend to watch the ball drop on the tele. I never get bored of the whole "HOLY CRAP TIME DIFFERENCES" that it also brings.
    hahahaha hey at least we're not Massachusetts. But to defend myself there are female friends too (i only say friends because im not sexist) and no they are not prostitutes.

    No resolutions. Only to look back in the previous year and see what I should try stop doing and what to build on.

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    Cool Re: New Year around the Corner

    Me, not to make you singles out their mad at me but... me and my BF are
    going to go to NY! My sister and my brothers fiancee' are coming as well.
    Its going to be awesome. This will be my first New Years kiss though...
    I have kissed my BF plenty but... he is [I]super [I] shy about kissing me
    in public! <- him pushing me away

    I bet my siblings are going to get drunk again and force me to bail them out
    of jail. Lucky me.....

    I hate making new year resolutions also. I never succeed of fufilling them anyway so... why bother? I will just go on more movie dates with my BF (sigh)
    (maybe i should get another cat, ugh!)
    Anyway, those are my plans. Hope everyone else has a good time with their bf or gf. Atleast you wont get stalked by...pervs! (couldn't think of what they were called, srry)

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