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Thread: Novels Movies anime manga

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    Novels Movies anime manga

    Ok Books.Movies.anime and manga

    would you rather read books.Read anime or watch movies.
    Would you rather read the book or watch the movie.
    Would you rather read the manga or watch the anime

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    Re: Novles Movies anime manga

    If I understand what are you asking....then it is a little iffy for me.
    I mean sometimes I like to read the manga over watching the anime. Then again sometimes the anime is much better. It depends on what kind of anime/manga. I think action types need to be seen on the screen, while romance, and things of that nature are better captured in the manga.

    When it comes to just normal movies compared to the books....I rather watch the movie. I am not much of a reader outside of my manga, and Japanese related novels. the only book I read instead of watching the movie was Memoirs of a Geisha...and I am glad a read the book ^^ the movie was not that good to me in my opinion.

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    Re: Novles Movies anime manga

    OK, let me see if I can answer this. All of the above. In the movie you get to see the action and intrigue that would only be described in the book, but by reading the book you get some of the sutler things that can't be covered in a movie due to content or time factors. Have you ever watched a movie and wondered why they did something in a particular way? Reading the book will usually explain it.
    As for Manga vs. Anime, the above explanation fits this as well although most anime usually do a decent job of covering most points. There have been a few anime that while title off (and maybe loosely based on) a manga have very little in common with the original story

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