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Thread: Obama President

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    Re: Obama President

    Meh, I personally didn't vote for the man, figured that he'd win without my vote. Which, he did. Congrats to him and anyone who voted for him. I voted for a third party guy, Bobby Black, High Times Editor and was running on the Freak Power ticket.

    I've watched most of the election coverage and Obama seems to me like someone who's genuine about doing good things for America.
    Everyone wanted change that they could believe in and I believe that change will come, for good or ill.
    Who knows what will happen,right?
    It's all about waiting and seeing whether Obama will come through for America or not......

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    Re: Obama President

    i think he will make a good president ^_^ ... i will like seeing a president and i have seen that .. i trust his opinion , and he was nice when he was in tyra show lol ... and i can put hops in him becasue i know that he can make everything right to build a new hops for everyone who dosen't have a hop ^.^ ... =^_^=
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    Re: Obama President

    Well Obama is a Leo like Clinton so is the authoritative and moral type. Michelle wants to be "Mom" in chief. Wonder what kind of dog they'll get for their two daughters. Leos make good authors, bosses and business people. I have yet to read Obama's books that he penned though.

    I don't mind that he won't swear on the Bible. I just worry when people don't read anything else besides the Bible. Fundamentalists are just plain nuts. Change is in the air. Great that gas prices are lowering.

    Bush is a Cancer. Cancers make good chefs and teachers. They have so much passsionativity. If only Bush executed Osama and ended the war earlier. McCain is trickle down like Reagan. I like Obama only taxing the filthy rich and giving the middle class a tax break. I predict Obama will be even better than Clinton since he won't have "improper relations with interns". The Obama family is really nice and hopefully less scandalous. I know there will be backlashing with more hate crimes and possible assassination attempts.

    Obama is certainly not as awkward as McCain. In terms of charisma and grace he fares better than Bush with all his personality quirks that make him a lame duck for SNL impressions. After making a hilarious joke about how the IRS wants all our money, president Bush moved on to other issues, announcing he'll dedicate his last year in office to ending the unpopular war he started and turning around the economic recession that happened on his watch. He also laid the groundwork for taking all the credit should the next administration manage to balance the budget his administration unbalanced. Despite the sheer balls of Bush's attempt to seem productive by fixing his own mistakes, political speeches are, by nature, all talk and no action.

    If the recession lifts under Obama's watch then kudos to his adminstration. Things should turn up by Spring, hurray for kicking up the civil rights movement a notch, there's hope for gay rights, there's hope for a woman president, there's hope for all Americans.. not just Joe the Plumber.

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