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Thread: Obama's Address to Students.

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    Obama's Address to Students.

    Obama was going to have a televised state of the address sort of thing for youth and many schools will not let students watch it and the effort was quickly labeled brainwashing. I think that it was unreasonable reactionism from paranoid minds.
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    Re: Obama's Address to Students.

    What? Schools wouldn't let them watch a National Address targeted at students from their President, an address that would inform them what would be happening to their educational system and would effect them directly?

    Wow. Seriously, what has the US come to?

    Sometimes I really do like the fact I live in Canada, where Education is handled on a Province by Province basis with funding being split between the Federal and Provincial levels, with the Province having the final say on how things go down.
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    Re: Obama's Address to Students.

    Yup. They won't even let my school watch it. They don't want to interupt schedules of classes and whatnot. They had a staff meeting for it. It's just a bunch of crazy crap. But they did say that they ill record it if they want any parent to see it or we could just record it ourselves o just watch it online.

    To me, I think everyone s making a big deal about this. One of my friends even said that he was trying to make people submit to him. Honestly I thought: "Anit-Christ?!?! O_O"
    We live in troubled times in the US. With everything going on, people are bound to be paranoid. If you want to watch it then watch it. It's as simple as that.

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    Re: Obama's Address to Students.

    I'm just glad am not a student! Hahaha Yeah I don't pay attention to any presidential address they are boring an long.

    It's a little over the top that they are trying not to let students watch it, they are going to know about it sooner or later. I don't see what the big deal is, must be bad changes?

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    Re: Obama's Address to Students.

    If it's a televised announcement made by the prime minister in my country... they usually put it on night hours.. not on school hours...

    There's no use to let the students hear the announcement anyways.. like they would be listening to it... or understand it for most students >.< (if they are in primary school)

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    Re: Obama's Address to Students.

    I asked my dad what he thought and he said "What right does the president have to talk to you guys there is no need to its just him talking and him telling you guys what to do which isnt right" he said he wouldnt let even his favorite president do that he just thinks its not right and I agree what right does Obama have to tell me what to do and if he only is saying stay in School thats stupid kids already know that which means hes just taking up are school time to learn.

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    Re: Obama's Address to Students.

    I really don't care if he told the studients to stay in school, work hard and all that, the reason why they axed it because there were things that kind of made it very questionable. Such as asking what you can do to help Obama and his stuff. It wasnt spacific so thats why it was questionable as well as among other things which is why they pulled it.
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    Re: Obama's Address to Students.

    it appears to be a violation of children rights...a child should have the right to be educated and informed? if the president has something to say, then a child has the right to access to it, if they want to?

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