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Thread: An Offer from ZipCar company.

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    An Offer from ZipCar company.

    I know I"m not the only one here getting hurt by gas prices, not turning on the A/C even though it's 120 degrees out. So when I came across this offer on spoofee.com (source), I thought I share it with you all. Unfortunately it is not offered in my hometown (probably because Zip Car already have a stable stake there), but if any of you are old enough to drive and live in one of the following cities, give it a try:

    - Atlanta
    - Boston
    - Chicago
    - Philadelphia
    - Pittsburgh
    - Portland
    - Seattle
    - Toronto
    - Vancouver
    - Washington DC

    Here is the link to the offer:

    Zipcar : Low-Car Diet

    And here's an explanation by a spoofee member about what Zip Car does:

    It's like a car rental service, except you can rent it by the hour. You pretty much go online, see when it's available, and make a reservation for a particular car for however long you want. You use your Zipcard to unlock the car at your reserved time, and the car keys are inside. There's a gas card for gas so you don't have to pay for that, and a lot of their cars are hybrids, at least at my school. When you're done using it, you return it to its assigned spot, and "check out" by locking the doors with your card. That's pretty much it.
    and another member said:

    the best part about Zipcar is that insurance & gas are both included.

    college kids sometimes siphon gas out of Zipcars and sell to their friends.
    (enough said)
    ^----funny shit

    Just so you know I am not affialiated with the company, and Zip Car is indeed legitimate. I have seen tons of their cars on the highway already. So hopefully I can help even one of you in saving money

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    Re: An Offer from ZipCar company.

    Wow thats interesting. Too bad its not offered in my town nor will it be in the near future most likely. But really is it cheaper then having your own car? I have to work every day of the week and as I have it figured out it isn't cheaper then what I pay a month for my car and for gas. It probable works better in metropolitan areas.

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