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Thread: One Day to Live

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    One Day to Live

    So, I had a head ache, my eyes hurt, my stomach was upset plus my body was sore. I thought, maybe I'm drinking too much pop, or that chocolate finally found its way to my digestive system.

    Though that always happens with dairy..

    Anyway, I looked up some facts on pop, which got to reading other things and so on. At the end of the journey I made the decision to try and quit smoking at midnight. Though the withdrawl symptoms aren't that bad I'm still scared and I wonder if I can handle all that change.

    Which is semi-related to this:

    If you truly had one day to complete your life with, what types of things would you do? Would you apologize to people for your flaws, or would you berate them for their own; would you be sad or accepting? How would you feel about all your choices and accomplishments, and failures, up to now?

    Think, if the end of your life started at 8o'clock tomorrow morning and finished itself at midnight, where would you go? Who would you see? Why?
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    Re: One Day to Live

    I would force myself all over the world, mostly America, and talk to some of the people that I've come to know as friends through various sources; Here, Playstation Network, chatrooms etc. so I could talk with them face-to-face for once in my life and feel a sense of happiness and that I got to know them as a person, and not a voice. Some of these people mean the world to me, but I don't even know them enough like some of my friends in my community. I bet I'd laugh, I'd cry and many other things. After a while, I'd just stop somewhere, and stare at the sky, provided it's night. Then I would just lay in the grass, and stare. I'd probably cry at that point too. Alone. And that would be my end, peacefully.
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    Re: One Day to Live

    Iwould tell god that i am ready to be saved before I say good bye to the world I would die 5 seconds after I put down my can of coke classic. and I would in my punisher shirt or my wwe shirt and all in black with my weapons beside me that is how I would like to die..

    as to who i would see before I would die, my freinds would be stuck at work or at school. So I would spend my last wth my dad eating Macdonals before I die
    my freinds would be sorry that they miss me But I am use it since I can never reach them anyway. But If i had one person to spend they day it would be my dad

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    Re: One Day to Live

    I would just accept it open arms and all heck id give death a hug if it let me,

    If i truly had one day to live i would live it like a normal day i pry wouldn't even tell people that my time is almost up. i would just sit back and enjoy wat i got now just so worries won't erupt. Im not the type who has to make an impact onthe world just to show that they lived.

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    Re: One Day to Live

    Parry, party, party!!! And much bad intimacy with gorgeous dark-haired women. Sorry, blondes aren't my thing.

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    Re: One Day to Live

    Hmm i would hope that i was in combat overseas figthing and dead there. But if i wasn't I guess, I would wake up hmm eat and do what i normaly do everyday. Just made sure everything was set for my death , so others wouldn't have problems. That would be all simple and not rush.
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    Re: One Day to Live

    Well, its been brought to my attention recently that I'm some sort of weirdo, because I have never made love to music on purpose. Like, I've never composed a CD of slow jams. Or turned on any music specifically to increase any mood. Apparently thats like saying I've never eaten a sandwich before? (according to certain people) So, that is going to have to be on my "bucket list" for sure.

    I wouldn't quit doing anything.... what would be the point? I would just try to squeeze as much in the time allowed as possible.

    Also, If its really only 24 hours I've been granted, I cant think of many people I would tell anything to. Maybe I'd take a few minutes to jot down a goodbye letter, and a half assed will. But most people would just be freaked out....

    I think I'd be accepting, I'd hope so anyway... I mean, alot of people dont even get warnings. But I know we all have to go.

    Before I got too high, or drunk, or hallucinate on anything, I'd document a good 8 hours with my children. Yep, videotape it. And just try to have a blast, becasue I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend my last day with.

    But, since dying in front of children doesn't sound good, I would soon find someone to care for them... while I set out to die in some undoubtedly intoxified stooper.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: One Day to Live

    I would hug my family and tell them I love them. I would record a video saying goodbye to anyone I couldn't get to in time.

    I'm not going to rush about if I know I'm going to die - I would want to relax, dang it!

    Then I would stay in my husband's arms until it was time.

    I'm not scared of death, just worried about those I leave behind, especially my hubby.

    Death can come at any moment. You just have to live your life realizing everything you have is precious. ^.^
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