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Thread: One Day to Live

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    Re: One Day to Live

    well thats a funny question me and my boyfriend were talking about that we have decided that we would go streaking or just walk around nekid lol I thought that was kinda stupid knowing you were going to die but oh well I would probaly just tell my parents that i am bi and then just get on with it

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    Re: One Day to Live

    That's a good question.

    First: maybe i can tell you al lot of thing but if that "one day" will come . . . well, maybe i do all of that things. .. or maybe i do nothing.

    But, i think in this things:

    1.- Say good-bye to all my friends.
    2.- Eat, a lot, all my favorite food, is better to die with full-belly. xD
    3.- Writte a letter to my parents . . .and my bros and sis . ..
    4.- Say "I love you" again to that girl. . .
    5.- At the end. . . well, drink, maybe tequila, vodka. . . whisky and loss the last minutes happy. . .with the better company.

    That's my last day. . . crazy!
    "Knowledge is power"

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    Re: One Day to Live

    haha this seems like a fun one .... ok i would start with messaging all my freinds and family saying either bye or insult people i dont like, then i would take out my saving and catch a plane to japan then go and scream in the middle of the busyest place in tokyo then mayb pull a fake gun become famous for a day or infamous whatever all the same lol .... then i think i would eat loads =]

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    Re: One Day to Live


    I'd have to agree with Peach and her idea of 'not dying in front of your children' and spend 8-9 hours with my son before he's sent to a baby-sitter or a relative (whatever). Then, I'd make the best of my remaining 15/16 hours making amends to those I've hurt/wronged. I don't think my soul would rest easy if I died knowing there are people who still resent me.

    Then it's on to traveling and making the most of what is left of my life. I'd party it up!

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    Re: One Day to Live

    This topic make me reflect on my own family and how will i feel when they die.

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    Re: One Day to Live

    I'll go to somewhere fun and exciting and be with someone who I always wanted to be with (well, we could've been together if I'm not just so stubborn and naive). We'd do something that I would always remember even after death. Both be holding hands while walking and a lot more mushy stuff.

    Basically like every other ordinary girl in the world, I want to spend my lsat days with 'the one'. You know, make the most of what time I have left.

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    Re: One Day to Live

    On my last day I'd write my will. I'd go to city walk and stare at the sky. I'd go to Vegas and watch shows. I'd have sex. I'd donate to my favorite charity. I'd throw a deathday party with the company of all my lovedones.

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    Re: One Day to Live

    My teacher in English back in 4th year high school asked us the same question & made us think what we would do n our last day, but it's hard to think about it, for me all I want is to die with a clean name; what I mean is; not destroying my reputation & spending time with the ones I love
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