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Thread: Which one is harder to comprehend?

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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    I find computers harder to understand and fix a prodlem. I tend to get along and understand women far better. But thats just me.

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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    When you come across people,... different issues would come out as since everyone are of variant in personality and ways of behaviour.. when it's a computer... well each computer are almost exactly the same... lol ^^ You just need to know how to fix it.. and poof... done.. Whereas... A woman for example.. you might just know her... or even if you do know her and even every freaking thing about her... It'll still be difficult to fix things..

    Humans are not programmed... we are born... : x and we are not made of chips and can be disembodied that easily.. especially the brain... ~.~ and when it comes to a pc.. once broken... you can get a better one... and when it comes to person.. she might just be the one... and to lose her would be a big loss... ^^ thank you..

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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    Well, this seems one sided. Still, guess I'm gonna have to go with the crowd on this one...

    They don't say "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" just because it sounds cool. Men's & Women's brains are wired up differently, causing them to react differently to the same situation, & that's just genetic programming. Add in each person's experiences & you've got infinite possible reactions...

    Computers on the other hand are easier. I'll admit, they too can be random & unpredictable when they have a problem, with millions of programs, viruses, configurations & other stuff out there each making your computer do different things. Still, as I've just spent almost a year learning, most things can be easily diagnosed if you know how, & many of those things even an amateur could fix. that's what things like Anti-virus & anti-spyware are for. Then there's always the replacement option...

    Yeah, I think I'll have to go the opposing gender too...

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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Legend View Post
    Currently, I'm fixing my computer, so I had some free time with nothing to do. Anyways, let's keep this thread light-hearted and fun. Hopefully this doesn't get out of hand.

    Topic is:

    Which one is harder to figure out: A computer issue, or a person of the opposite sex?

    Mods: Does this belong in cyber lounge or the tech section?
    Well, for me its hard to figured out a person of the opposite sex unlike a computer issue. A computer its just a toy that you can fix by figuring out how it works and through trial and failure. A person, its the total opposite because you don't know what they might be thinking although you can guess, but still its not easy to figure out what its going through their head.

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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    Depends on the computer issue.
    People are very complex but computers can be too.. then again..
    some people can be very simple.. just like computer issues.. So...
    I guess all around they can be the same depending on how you look at it.
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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    Surely most people would be harder to understand than a computer. People are confusing, changing, moody and so on. Computer is a machine, it has a way it has to work, it is all somehow set by a technichian, it works on programmes which say what to do and when, it doesn't really get tired as humans do and so on. It doesn't ussually just say: "You know what? I'm in a bad mod! I won't save you that file!" (ok, now I am starting to think that a relationchip with a robot could be quite nice lol!)
    And it is easier to fix a computer and it is easier to find out whether it is not fixable. A computer doesn't work right? Call a technichian, it will take him only a few hours to figure what's wrong with the computer. A human is ill? Take him to a doctor, but if it can be an odd ilness and the doctor might not understand what's wrong at all (I mean there is a whole soap opera about it- Dr. House ) and psychotherapy can also take a long,long time.

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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    For anyone who said computer issues.

    Think about how long men and women have been around and how long computers have been around. In only a fraction of the time it takes to figure out a woman (if there even is a definite time) we can figure out a computer problem.

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    Re: Which one is harder to comprehend?

    but the diffrence is that humans made computers.... so they can never be smarter then us... in theroy... but in the problem with this your dealling with another person... and most of the time they are smarter then you... not all the time... but its alot harder understanding diffrent people then a type of computer that you have instructions to...
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