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Thread: Otaku

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    Re: Otaku

    Good job on becoming an otaku. So quick. I hope to be an otaku in a few months. You make me look like a slacker.

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    Re: Otaku

    If you are talking about member status:
    Once I gained Otaku status I hardly noticed and kept making posts.

    If you are talking about being an anime fan:
    I splurged on Manga and Anime, watched lots of it on the Anime Network. I did go to ACEN this year.

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    Re: Otaku

    I still have a long waaayy to go to 250 posts! Haha.

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    Re: Otaku

    Quote Originally Posted by zangetsu412 View Post
    I just became an Otaku and I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you do when you became an otaku?
    Try and figure out who settled on this user title that will stick with a member until they can change it or they move up in status.
    It screams anime nerd or my life is defined by the anime I watch and i watch them all or something else equally eye numbing.

    Since this means a lot to you though, I'll have a few drinks in your honor and a ton more in mine.

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