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Thread: Outcasts

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    Re: Outcasts

    I supose i don't really feel like an outcast because i just change my self to suit the "In Crowd" I don't be horrible or anything I just lay back and do whatever talk about what ever there talking about, a bit of a suck up i know but hey what would you rather do?

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    Re: Outcasts

    I used to feel like an outcast, but i felt that way because i didn't like socializing with others because i thought they were better than me in some many ways. I sometimes still feel like an outcast, but its not so bad as i felt when i was in High School.

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    Re: Outcasts

    I am definitely an outcast from the "normal" society.........
    I can't help it I am dress differently, or have an accent and enjoy doing things the other people do not.......
    I am unique and I would not change my personality in a million years....this is who I am.......

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    Re: Outcasts

    Outcast, literally everyday or so.

    Whenever I tried to talk on a conversation, it seems that my opinion its just a little thing for grown-ups T_T, and sometimes it gets me annoying.
    But regularly at school, its outcast day for me, the reason is simple, don't know what to talk about or what may spark an interesting conversation (both male and female), but at least I have my friends (danget, they outcasted me`~_~`)

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    Re: Outcasts

    ahh an outcast... i was one for 3 years during my primary school... i was alone all the time... i only sit on the last desk watching other kids and fall into my own childish fantasies... i live on a hill where theres no kids... so from the first i was left alone.. and when i get to school..i never learn how to mingle with others before...thus i was left out...

    All the kids there live near each other.. it's easier for them since they know each other.. and my shy personality did not help at all.. everyday during recess i would sit under this big tree and relax while eating my food which usually my mom would prepare for me... i'll sit there alone looking at others having fun playing tag,... and some kids bullying others... you know the usual stuffs ^^

    I was started to be acknowleged by my classmate 3 years after... i have been eccellent in my english thus one by one starts coming close asking for help in it.. english helped me made new friends.. thus i love this language till this day ^^

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    Re: Outcasts

    Definitely up till I was in second grade, I was perfectly fine, having a close ring of friends. I'm fairly sure that things started changing in third grade; I was nine, and I had just transferred to a new school. I guess it was since then that I only had a friend or two for every school year of my life... I have a theory it was because I was so "innocent" and "boring" compared to everyone else, who had older friends or relatives that'd corrupt them; you could say their interests matured into those of the rebellious youth of popular culture than I did. They were into rap; I was still (and still) more into fables and things. They made crude jokes, and... I didn't make many jokes at all, and anyway, if I did have jokes to tell, who to tell to?

    I think I was outcasted because of the environment I was raised in; my early childhood was in a third-world country where there there weren't "the latest fashions" (heck, if you wore the latest anything you'd be jumped on the street ), "the latest gadgets", "the latest games" (though only because at that time, everyone had all the latest games because they were so easy to copy... "Don't have that game? Then dude, I'll give you a copy, no worries..." ), things like that... —Though there were the latest anime that everyone loved... like in the 70s, everyone in the Philippines watched Voltes V— We didn't have much peer pressure from all these spontaneous trends because, frankly, no one could afford any of that stuff. So there really wasn't any peer pressure from tough, conformist popular cultures. But I guess everyone who grew up in America grew up with constant peer pressure, so I guess all my peers rushed to conform.

    I was also outcasted because of my interests, especially during middle school. Classical music —though I like all kinds of music except for metal and rap—, books, drawing, dislike of participating in sports except for swimming, books, sitcoms, curfews, anime... "You must be from another planet!" "No, third rock from the sun." My interests started developing away from mainstream culture, too, so that isolated me even more... Though I rarely felt lonely, because I usually just buried myself in my hobbies... Yeah. I drowned myself in self-denial and German philosophy during most of my school days. I ignored everyone else half the time... Though the peer pressure really started to get on me. I wept at night and got migraines from the lack of sleep, and finally, before the second semester of my first year at middle school, I fell sick and missed a few days of school because of stress... Though I'll admit it wasn't all caused by isolation. Self-esteem problems too, though that made me even more isolated... And the fact that I was the only one this isolated made me feel pathetic, more isolation, stress, depression, Russian literature...

    Today, I'm still isolated and outcasted in my local community (especially since my eccentricities have developed, heh heh heh...), but I don't feel as bad as I do now because of the internet.
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    Talking Re: Outcasts

    I feel like this alot, especially with my cousin and his friends because they have different interests then I do.

    I used to feel it alot at school too, I was pretty popular there because it was a small private school, but I didn't have many friends because of my different interest in things and how mature I acted because I have been around adults my whole life and what made it worse is that most of the kids there were Christian and I was Catholic (and still am), I just went there for educational reasons.

    Well my best friends dad asked me (when I was 7) If I wanted to become a Christian with out even talking to my mother and of course I said no so people took that wrong there, my mother had nothing to do with considering she stayed at the kitchen and I saw her alot, but she helped me make the choices there. People kept staying away from me after that.

    I have nothing against any people who have different religion's, I just look up to my grandmother so much and she was catholic, she was the most nicest woman any body has ever met, everyone who has met her told me so....

    But I'm steering away from the subject. Sorry I do that alot. But I have always been treated like an alien, an outcast because I have always liked anime and other different things, such as classical music, metal, rock and sometimes I wear black, but that's because thats the color I'm most comfortable with.

    I used to sit in the swings at recess and watch other kids play, get bullied and so much more and I just swung, I hardly did anything else. No one wanted to play with me hardly, even some of my best friends would stay away from me and kids called me "Tubby" and so much more. Does appearance really matter now a days? Because it doesn't to me.

    Too this day I feel kind of like an outcast, even with being home schooled, but it really doesn't matter to me.

    But I remember back at Halloween I had this Halloween Naruto layout on my profile and my old x-best friend's dad saw it because he was working on our roof at the time and I had begun talking to her alittle bit again.

    Her dad had called me a satanist and he told her to tell me he said that and boy.. Did my grandfather go after him like a bat out of hell, so did my mother.

    None of the kids like to play with me around where I live, they never did and they never like to be around me, It doesn't bother me though, I'm happy with the way I am now. ^^

    If I said anything that isn't aloud to be on here, ANYTHING, message me and I will take it down or you can delete this message. Because I'm really worried about a few things on this message that might get me banned and I don't want that to happen. ._.
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    Re: Outcasts

    Well, what do you know, we're all outcasts! Yay for us :P1:

    You may feel like an Outcast occasionally in your life, but don't worry about it too much. Worry is like a rocking chair, give you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.

    Best advise I guess I can give is to pull through it the best you can, don't let it get you down.

    Oh, & insanity's a lot more fun that depression...


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