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Thread: Outcasts

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    Re: Outcasts

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel219 View Post
    Well, what do you know, we're all outcasts! Yay for us :P1:

    You may feel like an Outcast occasionally in your life, but don't worry about it too much. Worry is like a rocking chair, give you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.

    Best advise I guess I can give is to pull through it the best you can, don't let it get you down.

    Oh, & insanity's a lot more fun that depression...


    *runs off attempting to ninja run*

    You said it daniel... insanity is better than depression trust me i know both, i've felt both and insanity dosent hurt hehe

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    Re: Outcasts

    Yeah, I really felt like that in 6th grade. Everyone hated me because I was the only person in school who wore a lot of black and didn't wear makeup. I really only had two friends. School blew chunks on a regular basis. The teachers just went along with the bullying labeling me as messed up or in dire need o help. They were all convinced that I was a cutter because I dressed in black.

    Now I'm much happier because i changed schools, but still, I don't feel all that connectd with any one person. People don't really listen because they like the sound of their own voices better...
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    Re: Outcasts

    In 3rd-4th grd. i felt like an outcast. I think everyone hated me back then for 2 reasons. first they thought i was the teacher's pet (my mother and my teacher were best friends) It pssed me off bcuz ppl thought the teacher gave me good grades just bcuz she was my mother's friend. That was a lie i worked hard on my skewl work, but ya know the kids ignored me. Second reason, i look like an emo kid, which scared a lot of classmates. It was fun watching them look at me like i was some kind of vampire or something. I stopped bein an outcast when i was in middle skewl, i met friends who were like me. Funny thing is that we were all outcasts in elmentary skewl.
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