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Thread: Outside of Anime Online

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    Re: Outside of Anime Online

    I don't know anyone on AO outside of AO... but I don't think I'd want to either. I get so used to just having you all as my AO buddies, it'd be weird to meet you in real life I think o_O (No offense to anyone ^^; )
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    Re: Outside of Anime Online

    I used to have quite a friends here...though, i met them here...before i got here, though...not a single person. ^^;
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    Re: Outside of Anime Online

    Nope, I don't know any of AO people in real life... sadly... but it's just for now. I might meet Aeonking... but in some time... and I know some other people live in UK, so that could happen. And I just MUST meet Ray!!! ^^ And then, when I'm very rich and stuff, I want to visit some other cool people from AO ^^
    I mean sometimes I feel like the only friends I have at all are from AO. This is because I can't meet any of my friends from Latvia (where I lived till last year) and AO friends... it's like I don't have to meet them, because I never have, but they are colorfull enough personalities (and type fast enough) to be nice to talk to anyways.

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