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Thread: past (if you could have one thing changed about you)

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    death and life again
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    Re: past (if you could have one thing changed about you)

    well I would change a number of things and it would not matter to me change would be welcome form this horrid life >.<
    death and life are one and the same

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    Re: past (if you could have one thing changed about you)

    Never actually thought about this much often but anyways..

    I'd prevent things from happening that are now unfortunately my bad habits. ._.

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    Re: past (if you could have one thing changed about you)

    Not to brag,but my life is perfect just the way it is.
    Cool 'rents,awesome life duh.

    I do regret things though....

    I would change what i was forced to do in the past with a friend,and mainly that. I would also want to have changed my stupid doings.

    Such as i would have never ruined my vision if I hadn't looked into the sun.

    Oh well.
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: past (if you could have one thing changed about you)

    well what would i change hmmm, even thought i enjoy my life so far i feel i wouldn't enjoy it as much if i changed my life because i have been through some rough times in my life so i wont aprreciate it as much BUT if i did change something it would completely change my life...Ok i'm going to answer your question from all aspects really... Prepare yourself

    Aspect Number 1: (Changing my life and not me personally)
    I would change the divorce between my parents, it would change my life completely in every way maybe for the better or for the worse, but it's easy to say "stop the divorce" when really i meen for the realationship to be right making that the divorce wouldn't have happened... I don't know where the hell i would be so i can't really give any more information on this matter but hopefully i would be loveing life as much as i am now without the pain, because most of my "Personal pain" is created by the divorce because it was in a diffrent place and i wouldn't even know about it if i was still here, However the downside is i would have lost good friends i have met over where i live with my mum.

    Aspect Number 2: (Changing my personal life as in me!)
    If i could change something that happened to me it would be when my arm exploded because i was in the wrong place at the wrong time...

    (Sorry have to go i will finish next time i'm on...)

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    Re: past (if you could have one thing changed about you)

    Quote Originally Posted by girlicious View Post
    if you could have one thing changed about you, yourself wat would it be
    I'd change the way my father died I'd have, only being two years of age, tried with all I had in my to have him come home the night that he died instead of watching him storm out of the house and never returning. I know this was supposed to be about yourself but his death caused a tremendous ripple in the way my life unraveled. If he were here, things would be different, I would be different.

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