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Thread: Peculiar Eating Habits

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    Re: Peculiar Eating Habits

    I am a big hot sauce fan... (Tabasco is my favorite) I'll put hot sauce on anything fried... I will also put it in my ramen, soup, greens, stringbeans, & even eggs... If I order a milkshake I have to have a soda along with it... (Milkshakes makes me thirsty)... If there is nothing that I have a taste for, but I am hungry I will fill up on sodas or juice... I only drink water if I play sports or am at work... (I prefer propel water) I think water makes me hungry.... Sometimes I put sugar & butter in my rice (depends what I eat w/ it) If I drink kool-aid I must put it in the freezer for 30 minutes... Taste better!!! I will eat bread by itself & roll it into a ball or flatten it w/ my hands.

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    Re: Peculiar Eating Habits

    well i like to eat my cereal with my fork

    forks just seem so much better

    and i always drink from the bottle

    if i use a cup it just means more dishes i have to do so... yea

    uh i cant eat without doing something else wether it's talking on the phone or

    watching tv cause i think then my time is just wasted

    and i cant spend money on food, if i do i get really sad

    Sometimes I still dream of you, even though you were so cold

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