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Thread: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

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    Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    Today we were in statistics class and the one of the "introductory" questions that the professor made was: Would you save a penny or would you throw it away? ...the majority said: "trash it".... At first I thought it was a stupid question but thinking about it and then counting how many said trash it... they trashed: 30 cents...
    Now if you ask them if they would throw those 30cents away I am pretty sure they will say no...
    Now I thought for myself... well if they would of throw a penny a day (who cares it is just a flipping penny??), lets say for about... 10 years... they just threw away... $36.50... and not just that... later on the nickles are going to be then... nothing... just 5 cents.... we "can throw them away"... besides who cares? it is just a nickle... and so on... but that's my thought...

    For me every penny is worth to keep or use it... but not throw it... what do you guys think...?
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    Re: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    well for me a penny is 1pence as i live in england but i still keep all the money i get
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    Re: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    I believe that you should keep ever penny and put it in a jar if you have to...You never know when you will need the money and find out that after saving the pennies you have lets just pick a number...$37. A great way to do this is have a jar by your front door or where ever you take you clothes off. When you empty your pockets throw all your change in that jar or even separate it pennies in one and silver in another...at the end of the month count it up and see how much you would have thrown away...You will be surprised...pennies are worth saving!
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    Re: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    well once they used to say that an angel dropped the penny but i would save it not a big deal out of it but hey it might come in handy.
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    Re: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    I like to collect coins to use at a Coin Star. If the bank is open I use them. It's useally enough to buy a hamburger and a drink.

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    Re: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    What a coincidence, I was just browsing through book on biostatistics and I see a topic touching on the practicality, slightly anyways, of statistics. My oldest sister is an Actuary (Actuarial science major), and I remember her, when she was in college (I was 13 years old then), applying laws of statistics to literally everything. Random, okay, moving along...

    Well, of course I wouldn't purposefully discard money. Why would you anyways? It's sacred, right? Please tell them classmates of yours, who said they will throw it away, to save it, and then, collectively send everything as an offering (in the form of check if possible) to a wandering, beggar-monk like me. I will accept them as alms.

    Thus, I can at least feast on a decent meal once a year.

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    Re: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    Yes, I'm going to agree with the majority here. I'd have to save any change I'd come across. Money is an importance in everyday life, and, not to sound greedy I'd want all the money I could get for later references in life. You never know...It could eventually come in handy.
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    Re: Penny: Save it or throw it away?

    Well, here's a few practical facts.

    - Copper used to make each penny now worths more than its face value. Meaning that for every cent you are holding you are actually holding around 1.3 cents.

    - Pennies that are made before the 50s, if you can find one in mint condition, are worth hundreds. I have 5 myself of those old pennies, but of course they are not in mint condition.

    Those are the reasons why you save those pennies, not because they "add up" lol. That is like saying I'm $40000 richer now that I never smoked, from all the cigarettes I didn't buy.

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