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Thread: People you miss...

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    Re: People you miss...

    This is such a sad topic.

    I miss a very close friend of mine who died in a car crash my freshman year (4 years ago) of high school. We became friends because his sister and I have been like sisters since 3rd grade. I'm actually thinking about getting a tattoo that is secretly all about him (It's my way to have something about him and keeping it basically just to myself).
    He was a great guy. He was very sweet and caring. He was always straight up himself; for example his sophomore year of high school he became a huge jock however he was still the captain of the history club and the nicest guy at school. He had so many friends that for the showing the school canceled that day's classes because less than 25% would have attended if they hadn't.
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    Re: People you miss...

    I miss my Alicia: the love of my life.

    I miss my old friend T.J., we used to get into all kinds of shit together.

    I miss my grandmother, may her God allow her to rest in peace.
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