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Thread: The person behind the avatar.

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    The person behind the avatar.

    Im here to bring up a question i've been thinking about alot lately, and that is does finally meeting(face to face) with a person you've know on the computer, and or letter. Destroy any of that respect or the concept between you and your alleged "friend"?
    Or did you expect to see what lye's infront of you?

    For me seeing a picture kind of destroy's the mental image that I prepared for the user, it's kinda messed up that I think that but oh well...I can bare it but it's something that will be nicking at me for sometime until I bring it up or if things happen.
    Of course it will hit me at sometime or later that this what I have brought myself to. And accept it
    So how about you?
    Some people do accept it and move on.
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    Re: The person behind the avatar.

    The only people I've known on line that I would concider meeting are the ones I've known for years. And when I mean years, I mean almost 5 to 6 years. Those people I've chatted with on MSN using their video conferencing, or chatted on Skype, so other then the fact that I only know them on the computer, we've talked face to face through voice. I'm also pretty much myself online as well.

    Out of all those friends, I've met two. One just happened to be seeing a concert that night and decided to drop me a text message on my Cell, and the other, ironicly, turned out to be my boss at work.

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    Re: The person behind the avatar.

    If I met any one I knew over the net it would be fine. what is possibly the worst thing that could happen when you meet. No it would not destory anything I know about that person in any why or images about that person
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    Re: The person behind the avatar.

    I've met four people I've known via the intertubes. All were exactly the same as how they acted on the intertubes (Just...didn't have to use "action marks" to do things). As for a picture destroying the mental image? I wouldn't say destroy, but help give an ideal of what they look like. Correct it, if you wanna say that.

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    Re: The person behind the avatar.

    This is why I would never encourage anyone to meet me. Seems people get to hung up on their mental images of a person. It is especially messed up when a person has great conversation with you... Then suddenly never wants to talk again once they know what you look like. When asked to describe myself, I try to make myself seem uglier than what I really am. Just so I can ease their shock a bit if we meet. I've only ever met 2 people from the net.

    The only time I've ever felt dissapointed is when I "fall in love" with someones words. Obtain a little online crush... and find out they are the same gender as me.
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    Re: The person behind the avatar.

    I would only meet people i have been talking to like with someone on cam like a few months but this is just like friendship. For me no matter what they look like they will be the same person i have talked to. any mental image i have of the person doesn't really matter
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    Re: The person behind the avatar.

    Ofcourse meeting someone you knew on the computer destroys your mental image that you've keeped for the user & sometimes this makes you dissapointed
    anyway for me, seeing the real face of someone I knew in computer doesn't destroy my respect or concept to this person

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    Re: The person behind the avatar.

    Hmm Great question! I would have to say that if you and that persn were really good friends then unless one of you is a threat I would be ok with what they are like, i would probly only stay friends though and imaging what one looks like can be a good thing if your not going to ever meet, but other wise so one of you dont get repulsed or mad they should at least send a pic or be able to view cam, to show proof your who you say you are. Other wise for safty resons i like to keep my relation ships on line.
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