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Thread: Personal Space

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    Re: Personal Space

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    Geez... you guys are so lucky,... -.- Parents here don't really respect your privacy much as long as you live in thier house...sheesh... They don't really understand these day's youths... narrow old minded parents.. :/

    My dad once tried to get my pc out of my room so he can observe what i do -.- where is the privacy there??? I cannot tolerate having people on my side watching me writing my mails and me doing things that i don't want anyone else to watch on my PC -.- So yea... i opposed my mom later on when she wants to continue my dad's wish to move the pc to the hall... I starved my self for 3 days... silly... but it what's must be done... my pc contains almost all of my private infos... i want the skeletons right in the closet where it is suppose to be... ^^ out of harms way..

    Hmm my siblings... they went in my room anytime they want ... they even use my bed~!!! sheesh... -.- make a mess... then leave... grr.... all i can do is lock the doors...

    My mom is still intruding my room, to wake me up when im asleep or something...she has the lock... but i hate it when she come in when im using the pc :/ very annoying...

    Well I think that's way too much... I know parents want to know what you are doing to see if it is right or wrong... but that's not excuse to invade your privacy. Specially if on your PC you have personal stuff.
    When it comes to my computer I just let in the people whom I really trust only... that's the only thing in my room that no one can touch without my permission... plus... I have it loked with a password and I change it every now and then.
    But to take it away from my room to put it on the living?! I think that's waaaaay too much...
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    Re: Personal Space

    Really you have to limit your space or should be able to limit your space that your sibblings or parents can have entering your rooms. So that they don't come close to your valuable possesion make a boreder line, not like that will hlep much if your brother has no soul. Well at my mums house my room cannot be touched but at my dads me and my brother share the same room because it's filled with junk and their no space for another room. Well he hates me touching his things and he hates me touching my things, i never touch his things...HE ALWAYS! touches mine, im like go away, get your own stuff. He always gets the comfiest bed always gets everyting he wants just so it fits him fine, it's so irraitating, so im lucky that at my mums i have my own room. Im often bugged when he reads my texts on my phone or looks through it trying to mkae me not notice, this is not over protection of my brother, this is war and noseyness...if thats a word. I enjoy his company at times but usually i lack personal space and can't wait to be back in my room alone doing things i like and not sharing with my brother.

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