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Thread: personality...

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    what do u say yours would be ??....
    and do u really think thats what we should be lookin for in people who u love { wanna spend ur life with..}

    well my answers are me im a lay back kinda girl like to have some fun like u kinda know lol

    but.. im also not really like other girls lol

    love horror movies { kinda vap ones ^^ ooOOOOOOOO all the blood lol}

    but i also think we should think of people for there personalitlys and now just for how they look

    me im not just sayin that cos i dont look good { really i dont}

    but what do u think ?????

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    Re: personalitly...

    Interesting idea. So, you want people to describe themselves here? Hmmm...

    I'm a little cautious about posting here, but if others are willing, I guess I will. I usually find it hard to describe myself. Mind you, usually when I'm being asked, I'm being interviewed for a job.
    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: personalitly...

    For what I think we should be looking for someone we want to spend our life with isn't for looks it should be more for what the person acts like. Looks don't tell you everything they are just a bonus to the person your with. I know that a lot of people just go off of looks. Tell me when you do so do you actually find someone that you want to be with or does the person get on your nerves?

    As for my personality. I've very strong headed and normally it's my way or no way which my husband has been working on changing. Though for him I do what he wants and I don't care if I don't like it. I'm outgoing and an animal lover. I love horror movies but only if my husband is there with me.

    What I looked for in a guy is he was kind and loving, knew what he wanted to do in life, and how he would do anything to reach his goals.
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    Re: personalitly...

    I am a shy. I have problems when socializing with girls, i get nervous and usually say stupid things that don't make sense at all. Although, they just laugh at me for my silliness, so i guess they see me as kool loser guy.

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    Re: personality...

    Ketaro, you know I am the same with my silliness and I really it turns out its what my boyfriend likes about me because its different from all the other girls and when i am not silly, i can really go into in depth conversations.

    I think personality should be what we look for. From experience, looking for guys with looks alone, will not be what you want it to be. I found out that we really didn't have much in common and he was just looking for sex. So it soon ended. With looks it can create a false sense of security, they could appear like everything you ever dreamed of, yet really you realise that their personality stinks and you really do clash or you find that you can't have a decent conversation with them because they are just air heads.

    So look for someone who you feel comfortable with, where you can talk about anything, have a laugh and share similar interests with. I find it helps to be friends with them first, so it creates a firm base for the relationship and you learn about that person over time. There is no point rushing a relationship that is going to last for a long time.
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    Re: personality...

    <_< I'm just me. Can't you see. I'm just a silly little bumble bee.

    I'm me. Erm... I... uh... <_< Well, Abu says I talk like an old man. But she agrees that I'm young at heart. I like milk. I'm tolerant to people who hate the things I love... to a point, that is. I'm rather passive in action, but agressive with thoughts. I think fast, and I act slow. When adrenaline hits, I act as fast as my thoughts... but that's kinda' risky for anyone. I like to think before I act, and I'm confident in the things I choose. However, I'm not too straight when choosing for other people...

    ...<_< I like video games, and am an old-school (anything) fan.

    I tend to think that nothing's better than anything.
    I am a lover of creativity and I like milk. (wait... I think I said that)
    I choose chocolate over vanilla and I LOVE ice cream.
    I enjoy the wind hitting my face but I don't like walks on the beach (there are better places to walk).

    I have a lot to say, but rarely say it. >_> I always mean good intentions, despite the idea that I don't really give a "good"-aura. Erm... that's it for now.

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    Re: personality...


    i suppose i'm a little wierd... Soshi says that i'm dense and really weird to other people, but i don't see it most of the times...

    i like puppies and doggies the best, becuz of their loyalty and strength...
    i like kittens and kitties the second, becuz of their beauty and arrogance (i think it's funny and i like to pick them up and hug them)...

    i don't like people who are mean... i don't like people who cowardly back down... and i don't like emos or metrosexuals...

    i suppose i'm a bit of a racist becuz i enjoy seeing color... also, where you come from has an effect on who you are; if you don't want to further your stereotype, than don't...

    i like to read (not as much as before) and sew and play video games (though not as much or well as Soshi...)

    my favorite foods are Curri, soup and Dr. Pepper in a glass with ice...

    my favorite shows are RedvsBlue and Reno 911...

    and my philosophy is to be tough, cuz i'm am not strong... if i act tough, than i can protect my loved ones without having to fight...

    ^_^ i want to be strong...

    that's about it i think...

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    Re: personality...

    If a woman's sexually attractive and has a nice demeanor about her I don't see what the problem is. I believe no one should have a sexual relationship with an ugly woman no matter how nice or kind they may be. You're bringing down the human gene pool if you do so.

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