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Thread: personality...

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    Re: personality...

    Well I don' tell people I about me too much but I'm ok with that!

    I'm the shy loud random person! I'm a girl who just likes the romantic things. I love any horror comedy love movies. I just speak my mind mostly and well......Hmmmm.....Usually when it comes to asking out I get a bit too nervous sometimes and I just try to change the subject a bit too much.
    Well I got this from my horoscope: silly fun and sweet. Has the last word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun to be around. Extremely weird but in a good way.
    Very high appeal. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Extremely random and proud of it.
    EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationships,
    Addictive. very energetic.
    I guess I'm all that so YEAH!!!!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: personality...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shodokan
    I believe no one should have a sexual relationship with an ugly woman no matter how nice or kind they may be. You're bringing down the human gene pool if you do so.
    Wow, that's so bluntly honest, you should put that on a sig!

    >_> Hmmm...

    I like parks. I love my dog... and like my other dog ( grrr... ).
    I love most animals and try to love ones I don't like. (Like spiders... I eventually got to think they're kinda' cute)

    I love meat. I'm pro-omnivore. Afterall, vegetables and grains and etc are living beings, too. So why feel guilty eating the ones who can walk around when you eat the ones who are helpless to fight back?

    I try to like seafood, but it's really hard for me to build a taste for them... I'm starting to get used to fish, but I'm probably never going to like shrimp, lobster, or squid. I try to like all foods in general, it's good for you.

    I love to cook fast, in high heat, and a good amount of oil! Sure, they get burnt when I get bored and decide to take a break while it's cooking... but I still eat it!

    <_< I'm sorta' anti-fad, but I respect the products and the things that go with them.

    >_> I believe most emos are nice people, but their "emo" part gets really annoying, really fast. And a lot of goths (real ones, not you wannabes) are really, really kind people! They're kinda' sad on the inside, but hey, at least they try to be nice and respectful. Punks are pretty cool, too. But I tend to hate useless *ssholes.

    Honesty is the best policy, but not when it comes to survival, in my opinion.

    I try to respect all things, and that's mainly because that's what my dad taught me. I have heavy respect for my father.

    <_< That's all for now.. again.

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    Re: personality...

    Personality huh now thats a hard one hehe

    I am an odd cheery person whose affectionate and chatty. I forget things quiet often but sometimes I remember the oddest things. I like to sit and think about something for long periods of time till I figure it out. Sometimes I can be shy or even a little crazy depending on my mood.

    I love video games and drawing is my passion. Food makes me happy and sleep is the best.

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    Re: personality...

    I believe that ppl should go with beauty, but I'm talking about the beauty they see w/in a person... Ppl often tend to go with looks cause that's all there eyes can see...

    Me on the other hand I have to be with some one that "I" think is beautiful even if others don't it's okay cause I saw something that was special... You have to be attracted to that person in some kind of way though...

    Well I like to laugh so you can say I have some kind of sense of humor... I am a heavy dreamer, so my imagination is crazy... I am a lover so I am soft hearted, but against anyone who tries to get close to it... I can be anti-social only cause of me not letting ppl in... I try to solve my own problems cause I am mostly the one who created it... (By letting ppl get the best of me)... I always see the best in ppl even when they can't... I try not to hate cause I am full with all this love... So I just use the word dislike...

    I dislike fake ppl... If you're too busy being fake then most likely you're letting all the real things past you by... I don't like to cry, but when I do I am probably cleansing my soul... I heard ppl say I am too nice... I probably am... I like to write & draw listen to music... I'd rather live with t.v. than a phone if I had to choose cause I always say ppl can write, e-mail, or just plain see me if they want to talk... Thank God I have both though!!!

    I guess you can say... " I am a lost lover trying to find his way in this cruel world"...

    "They say life brings u happiness then I wonder what deaths bring.?."

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    Re: personality...

    Quote Originally Posted by equinn View Post

    what do u say yours would be ??....
    I am introverted and extremely shy, yet I am quite gregarious among people that I already know ~ Most of the time, I am cheerful and always smiling, unless if I am walking on a street by myself, where I act vulnerable and naive. Ohhh, generally, I am open and accepting of all people.. Thus, earning my friendship is very easy, though maintaining it takes some effort. Hmm, I am affectionate, helpful, and I love to make others smile. Okay okay, enough good points. I get jealous easily, and I sulk a lot. Few weeks past, my parents called me, and my mom said that my brother's children are so cute, so I had a phone argument with my mom.. I wanted to make her realize how cute I was when I was a child. So yeah, you get the idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by equinn View Post
    and do u really think thats what we should be lookin for in people who u love { wanna spend ur life with..}
    In personality, she should be an epitome of servility! No, seriously...

    An equipoise of enamoring personality and physical charm is what I would look for. Mind you, I am weird; I regard some things that some people might disregard, and I disregard some things that some people might regard ~! What they may consider as crass and unattractive, might appear refined and bewitching to me. Having that said, I like a girl who has an independent, positive mind.. That is the quality I highly admire in my mom... The attributes I crave for are: Pureness in thought and behavior, compassion, innocence, cheerful and emotional promptness, emanation of cute little unintentional (natural~!!) facial expressions and aura of reverence.

    Why I don't seek just a gorgeous-looking girl? Well, if I marry her, she is liable to run away.
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    Re: personality...

    Im shy. sometimes out of it and sometimes dont understand what some of my friends are saying. i dont get most joke until i really think about it. Im down to earth kind of girl. Im somethies jumpy.
    Colors of the Heart

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    Re: personality...

    My personality eh?

    Hmmm, Well I'm pretty outgoing. Not like KRAZZY outgoing, but I WILL talk to anybody if they strike up a conversation or heck even say hi.
    I ADORE having fun. I love seeing//talking with friends.
    I can be shy. But the funny thing is, is that for the most part, I can't tell you WHEN I am shy. Just sometimes I am and the rest I'm not. It's funky.
    I love to make people laugh or heck even a little smile will do justice.
    I'm a gamer. Well the games I play most areee, Halo's {{Live of coarse}} GEARS OF WAR! {{EEEP!}} And Zelda. Oh and supersmash.

    I don't quite know how to sum up my personality. As far as catagorizing it goes anywho. I'm the kind of person that has too many favourites for everything and I am very bad at making simple decisions. Good at making intense life decisions for the most part though.

    Thanks Pyroo. :]

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    Re: personality...

    I'm What's known as Stoic. Able to remain calm given any situation or problem. no emotions. etc...
    http://www.animeonline.net/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=7987&dateline=1181515  689
    I won't let this world exist without me! If I die, we all die! / Avatar & Signature by anime_8000.

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