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Thread: personality...

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    Re: personality...

    my discribtion, huh nothing to know muhc but what the heck may as well since everyone else has...

    Me, i'm a very eager, not so intelgent person. I am also very subconsicous and as you can see can't spell very well... I am only young so good things may come in time

    thanks for this post

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    Re: personality...

    More of my personality:

    1. Well for me I like to travel around a lot and sometimes it's like I just really want to get there and quit stopping

    2. One minute I will be all happy and smiling then the next I'm paranoid for some reason.

    3. I don't really like surprises. Well to tell the honest truth I hate surprises. Though you can never stop someone from surprising you.

    4. I'm a total animal lover. I'll walk into a pet store and want to bring all the animals home with me.

    5. I used to be very self conscious of myself and that would affect my relationships. Now I'm over that. I give my husband all the credit for that one.

    6. I love being a pain in the ass to people if I don't like them. So sometimes it's hard to be my friend because I get a feeling from someone after the first conversation.

    7. I'm very bright as everyone tells me. I pick things up very easily and quickly.

    8. I love children and I want them to be a big part of my life seeing that is the reason I want to be a teacher.

    9. I can be very shy at times and then at times I just take charge and go for it.

    What else can I tell?
    ™Mommy To Micah And Shawn!™

    Thanks For The Amazing Tag Pyro!

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    Re: personality...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aya-kun View Post
    Fine. I shall have a short introduction to my personality then. <=_=>lll Baa~

    My personality traits are as accurate as my blood type, which is O.
    Indeed, I am ashame of myself to be born as an O type.
    Because I get jealous easily and I am someone who is quickly inspired to start something but never to complete it.... *silence*

    !! fails to complete post !!
    O_o That was a poor excuse to avoid the topic.

    Besides, O-types are kind and caring people. They have the ability to give more than receive. Abu's an O. She's nice. Me lurves her! ... >_> I think I'm a B.


    I like technology.
    I'm not a pro like most nerds and geeks are when it comes to technology, but I know the basics and I have the money. ( A thing that the pros envy )

    I believe that old school and new school can work as one and become something completely amazing! Technology makes things faster and easier, however, manual methods makes sure things get done perfectly and feel more natural. Combined, it's a dream. Example? People who build muscle and/or sports cars.

    I may be male, but I don't have all the cultural interests as most guys have... I'm not really that much into cars, or babes on cars. >_> I believe the frying pan is more mighty than the backyard grill. And I like to sew when I feel like it.

    I can stay on the phone for more than 48 hours. I've never gone further than that, but then again, I'd rather be able to see Abu within 48 hours.

    I'm a man of my word. I keep my promise. However, I can switch between a good and a bad keeper of promises. How? I can easily talk my way out of any promise by proving things that weren't fulfilled (in other words, create an artificial fineprint that's completely legal), or I can even add more to the promise than I ever intended (oversatisfying whoever is on the receiving end)...

    I understand all kinds of honors... between a man's honor, a knight's honor, a samurai's honor, a gentleman's honor, a family's honor, a brother's honor, a thieve's honor, a trader's honor, a soldier's honor, and etc...
    I stick to a fox's honor, however. It's a fusion of a thieve's honor, family's honor, samurai's honor, and a gentelman's honor. It mostly sticks to a thieve's honor, however. Which I believe to be the best way to deal with things.

    I respect respect and I respect honor. When these two things are broken, I usually find an enemy in whomever broke it, even if they're a stranger.

    I believe everyone has a right to do anything.
    However, rules make it so that not everyone is at each other's throats.
    Because honestly, if everyone has the right to do anything, I have every right to stop them as well... permanently. And they have the same right, too.

    I don't believe rules were made to be broken. And whoever believes that, is honestly quite selfish and doesn't understand how the world has come to be.

    I'm a DS fan.

    ...that's all for now, again.

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    Re: personality...

    I don't think that it's a good idea to date or marry someone with your same personality. Most of the time people who do that end up driving each other insane! There is also the old saying that "opposites attract" it was said for a very good reason. But so far all my choices for a partner have failed so I think that I'm going to be taking a break for a long while!!!

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    Re: personality...

    Soshi and i are opposites, in many ways... but what keeps us together is how we balance each other... i think that's a very important thing in a relationship... not to be so radically different, but to make eachother's weak points stronger and to make their strong points better...

    ^o^ i'm very bad with technology... everything i buy seems to hate and like to run away...

    i'm not very good with money either... i can save pretty well, but i buy little things all the time so when really big stuff comes up, i can barely get buy...

    i like to take naps, i find them very refreshing... i enjoy sleeping on my futon since it has lots of blankets and pillows and plushies to make it comfortable!

    i'm really interested in arts-n-crafts, i'd really like to learn how to knit and crotchet...

    i'm also a DS fan, but i think i like the PS2 the best (it's where all my favorite video games call home!) for the games and i like Wii the best for its possibilty, more games will need to come out before i pick my favorite...

    ^_^ i like animals a lot, i like to feed them!

    ... i have a hard time being mean to people...

    Last edited by Abu Dhabi; Jun 14, 2007 at 09:28 PM. Reason: veteran is now what i am!

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    Re: personalitly...

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel219 View Post
    Interesting idea. So, you want people to describe themselves here? Hmmm...

    I'm a little cautious about posting here, but if others are willing, I guess I will. I usually find it hard to describe myself. Mind you, usually when I'm being asked, I'm being interviewed for a job.
    Well, I said I would if others did, so I will. I am a man of my word. Hey look, I made a start...

    Well, where to start. I guess I'm a bit of a jumble really. You could even say I'm a bit of a walking paradox. In other words, I contradict myself alot.

    I enjoy laughing & making others laugh, but tend to tell a lot of bad jokes that just cause groans, but I can also be very serious when need be. I can be rather helpful & nice at times, but due to bad social training when younger, I can get on people's nerves. I can be a nice guy, but do enjoy being a bit of an *sshole. I can scare people well, usually making them jump, but it's hard to get the jump on me. I'm flexible, but don't try to force me to change. I respect other people's opinions, but hate it when they try to force them on me.

    I'm rather smart, though I tend to dumb down my speech & explain things repeatedly due to having a less-than-average-intelegance friend. I'm a guy who doesn't like cars that much, but I do like my aircraft, especially military.I've been told a good few times I'm easy to talk to, plus I've even been told I'm easy to get along with too. I'm the only 1 in my family who doesn't mind having their photo taken, though I don't have any pics of myself. It's more fun getting pics of everyone else while they're not suspecting...

    I'm not too sure what I'm looking for in a girl. I don't date much at all, mainly due to being very badly burnt during a previous relationship. I do tend to look at the whole package, especially since I've known people who look drop dead gorgeous, but when it comes to personality, they don't have the best head on their shoulders. After all, if your buying a car, yur an idiot if you buy a pile of junk, just because it looked nice.

    Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I might add a bit more later.

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: personality...

    my personality...
    well I can be hard headed when i make a choice, im happy go lucky, not much gets me down. But i also keep a tight hold of my darker side, so i tend to laugh things off. i am quiet unless someone is talking about a subject i like or know and you cant get me to shut up. I am the friend that most people call when they are in a jam or need help, or just an ear to talk to.
    I tend to need all the information i can get before making a choice or speaking up, tends to make me the most level headed of my friends and i try to hold no grudges ( more control over my own anger ) and have had to go between friends who more often than not hate each other...
    um, i have a love of rather dry humor, more of a love of british comedy, mainly "Red Dwarf"...none of my friends understands this part of me...
    I don't drink alcohol, have never smoked..anything, don't do drugs, but if im awake too long or down too much Pepsi (my drink of choice:P) i can start acting rather weird..almost like i was drunk or high i guess.
    i yeah and everyone thinks i drive crazy...only a little...

    as for the whole anger control thing, my last fight was about 14 years ago, freshman year in high school. Someone i knew since gradeschool, i guess he annoied me one time too many and i kinda lost it in class. I blanked out, and ended up puting him in the hospial, well honestly he did it to himself, broke his hand trying to hit me back. but i beat the crap outa him, with out rememebering much of what happened. I know i can be strong if i need to be, so i had to keep myself from seriously hurting someone. So i get stress releif from GTA, and other fun games.o yeah, and that guy, him and his friends never came near me all thru high school.
    Don't Panic

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    Re: personality...


    I'm an unnatural gambler. I love to gamble, but my choice to take a gamble at things or to not, are as fleeting as the wind.

    I used to never cuss, seeing them as completely useless. Afterall, you could think of better words to fill in those bleeps. However, as I grew up, I not only realized the cultural use in our language that makes this country the U.S.... AND its use in comedy. ...but I also became VERY AWARE of what words I could use to fill in those places! <.< And sometimes, it's more effective with the cuss words.

    :l My accent changes depending on what I'm hearing. Most ( almost 96&#37; ) of the time I don't have an accent... but when I've been watching or hearing too much and too long of an accent, I tend to get it and can't rid of it for several hours....... the hardest to get rid of is shakespearean-poetry dialect. >_O Twas a manner of annoyance, biotch.

    I watched anime and american cartoons side-by-side when I was young. In fact, I never knew the difference when I was a kid... Ranma 1/2 and The American Rabbit ( was that the name? ) may have looked totally different, but they were of the same interest to me.

    I was raised on anime after I realized what they were... (aka became an otaku) ...and because of that, I gained habits that I've seen in them. (Actually, I've only gained two) ... One is from Monster Rancher, I rub my nose all the time like Genki did because he did it all the time. Two is from Rurouni Kenshin, in certain moods, the phrase "that it is/that they are/that they were/etc" blurts out of my mouth at the end of sentences...

    <_< I quit being an otaku after I got a smell of what I could truly do in life... and henceforth, became prime enemy #1 for a lot of otakus... the instant I say that "anime isn't what makes Japan", I get stoned to death. (I love Japan's historical and a few of their modern cultures more than their anime)

    ._. I get stoned by people too often. (No, I ain't drugged)

    >.> I got stoned by people practically all my life. I have a big mouth. And because of those experiences, I keep my mouth shut....... and that'll be people's faults. If I know the code to save the world from a massive nuclear strike, I'll be reluctant to say it! JK! JK! JK! ...yeah right, I ain't that stupid.

    o_o I've had people look up to me. And the ones who looked up to me the most, were the ones I truly felt had no reason to look up to me. ._. Abu looks down on me, literally.

    I'm no technical genius, but I try hard enough that I make a miracle work on electronics... that and real-life situations.

    I LOVE MUSIC! That's the only thing other than Abu that could cheer me up on a hard day. ...her singing would cheer me up ten-fold, though!

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