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Thread: Personality strengths and weaknesses

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    Smile Personality strengths and weaknesses

    Usually people talk about personality strengths and weaknesses in job interviews but humour AO by talking about your best strengths and that weakness that needs working on.

    I think my best strength are my analytical skills that help me learn fast, my right brain capacity to draw, my business skills to see bargains and my fashion sense.

    My weakness is my eyes (I need contacts), I burn water, since I can't follow a recipe worth a darn and I drive like a drunken snail.

    I have yet to cook a turkey. I have however learned how to scramble eggs and bake cheesecake. I like drawing anime characters and am now studying Maya 3d art. Wish me luck going from 2d to 3d art!

    What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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    Re: Personality strengths and weaknesses

    It’s been a while since I’ve been active on this site so I thought I should post but that’s beside the fact of the matter.

    To be honest my strengths are in basically all areas although the only ones I really find interest in is drawing anime, and writing manga. When I was in high school I had teachers in business, art, English and music telling me to advance in post secondary education, but they don’t truly interest me. I went to college this year for a couple weeks for art and I realised that making it work wrecks the whole integrity of the practice. Thus in most likely terms ill be taking accounting next year at a college closer to home.
    I am considered the one that knows everything by my old roommates I would fix minor problems with their comps, electronics, and help them with their hw even though they were taking completely different courses.
    In addition I like to overanalyse things and hate being wrong or thought to be wrong in any manner and I’m incredibly stubborn. I’ve learned that those are both strengths.

    Weaknesses I’m very shy, like. I hate being centered out even in a positive way. Also I have terrible vision if that counts Finally I cant take it when people who I see know my weaknesses because it puts me on edge.

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    Re: Personality strengths and weaknesses

    Strengths: Extreme will power and determination, ability to dream big, highly adaptive and able to learn and master quickly, very passionate and a love for life.

    Weaknesses: I'm a hot head and quick to anger some times, bullheaded and now and then arrogant, I have an attraction to high speeds and an obsession with firearms to the point where I could end up in really deep dodo, mainly with the speed as I am highly responsible with my firearms. Also prone to falling into deep depressions where I all but crawl into a closet and wait to die in my sleep, I suffer from PTSD, Depression and ADHD and perhaps bi-polar. But I get along as best I can, and do the best I can to over come my short comings.

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    Re: Personality strengths and weaknesses

    Strengths: The patience of a monk and high determination.

    Weaknesses: I'm too nice. So when it comes time to assert myself I do it in the most polite way possible..and my attempts fail. xD Also, my determination is seriously a double-edge sword. Sometimes I get too proud and too determined that I get really stubborn. I like doing things on my own-even though I can't. >_>

    Orochimaru Fangirl ♥ | MMO Junkie

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    Re: Personality strengths and weaknesses

    • I'm a balancer. Optimistic when others are pessimists. Pessimistic when others are optimistic. I explain what's real to those lost in dreams, I explain what's found in dreams to those stuck in reality. I can help people save money if they're prone to spend it, and I can help people spend money if they're so used to saving it.
    • I'm careful yet curious. I don't normally trust others, items, actions, or events if I don't know them. However, I am willing to find out if I'm interested enough. This makes me capable of seeing problems before trying them, while still willing to try something despite the risks. This makes me understanding of my experiences.
    • I'm a listener. I love to listen to others, I love learning about others.

    • Alone, I'm emotionally unstable. Though I do my best work alone, I hardly find a reason to continue on without finding companionship in the end. While I may be able to stay logically sane when alone for long amounts of time, I get emotionally "broken" from it - making my emotions fuel my logic (which is obviously bad). I don't need others to exist, but I'd hardly find much happiness alone.
    • I'm unlucky. This is part of my personality as it has played a vital role in every experience I've had in life. ...my need to be careful comes from this. Ridiculous things have happened in my life that shouldn't have happened according to others. I can mimic someone's actions to the T, but because of my luck, I get the worst outcome from it. ...so instead, I just stick with careful movements - which makes me miss out on a lot of opportunities.
    • I'm a talker. I usually keep quiet, but the instant someone SINCERELY wants my opinion, I CANNOT shut up. I think it's because of the years I've spent as a listener, that I feel like I have a billion things to say. No seriously, ask me about anything... the weather, the color of food: I'll have a ton of things to say about it and I'll rant on forever. ...I also find it hard to shut myself up, as talking gets me excited to talk more. :/ This gets especially problematic if you ask me something before you fall asleep: I will keep you up with my ranting, trust me.

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    Re: Personality strengths and weaknesses

    tolerant: I'm very polite, I accept people for who they are and try to stay perspective of them as much as I can. I've been misjudged as a stoner many times because of my very calm, silent, chill attitude. The only kind of intolerance I have is towards the ignorant, that's when I start to lose my nerve fast.

    goal-oriented: I like to set goals small and large for myself. If I don't, I tend to be lost and lazy, I always need something I should be working towards.

    strong sense of self: I know exactly who I am and what I'm capable of. That's not to say I'm completely satisfied with who I am, but when it comes to making decisions about my own life, I never find myself second guessing.


    idleness: as I mentioned earlier, if I'm not doing something I tend to squander my time pretty bad. Like answering forum threads at 5:30 in the morning bad.

    self-critical: I think sometimes I expect too much from myself, a slave to my own standards as it were. There are times I'll be quite melancholic because I feel I'm not where I should be in life, I or haven't done the things I wanted to do yet. These feelings are worst when I'm alone and idle, so I do my best to stay busy.

    too passive: I'm not always assertive when I should be, im very reluctant to lead when presented the opportunity, I favor mutual consultation over commandeering. Not an inherently bad trait persay, but can set you back in certain settings.

    I guess a lot of my strengths/weaknesses are double-edged..

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    Re: Personality strengths and weaknesses

    Strengths: I am flexible, laid back, I laugh at things everyone doesn't find so funny sometimes. I stick to my goals and work to overcome any difficulty. I have tough standards.

    Weaknesses: Conceited and is easily insulted. I'm emotionally distant.

    I took a quiz for these answers, because I don't realize my own personality traits. I think everyone around me notices them more than myself. So I guess its all true.

    Signature is a Gwenibe original.

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    Re: Personality strengths and weaknesses

    Strenghts : Curiosity , innovation and adapting to changes , writing and drawing and dreaming , debating , sports such as basketball
    Weakness : hate routines , rebellious reckless , too much aggression at times and daydreaming which is bound to get me in trouble one day ...coz i asked a teacher a doubt and as he explained it , I wandered off in my own world (later i jus nodded that i understood) .Regrets ,I can never forget them ..and thought loudness , which is like 6 or 5 voices talking to you in your head .Anti-social at times ...coz if i don't lyk a large group of ppl , I ll prefer being left out than mingling as a fake with them .

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