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Thread: Pet names

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    Re: Petnames

    welll i have a couple. Genma because he is a ninja from naruto and is the last proctor in the chunin exams. Brutus because he is a friend and a enemy he isnt one to take anything from ppl and allways gets thru things that are physical almost impossible. Bluey on because my eyes are blue and have been told they are pretty lol. I just recently came by the name Subaru only because it reminds somone of sombody on a anime/manga i have to read into it more to figure out what it truly means but im sure its good i trust the person who gave it to me. i Also go by Lee at times because im tall and i like to fight using only my body as a shield and a sword with swiftness and finesse. striking hard and fast before even being touched. thanks Neves
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    Re: Petnames

    You'll live Gen-chan. Ha now you have a new nickname lol. One of my many many petnames is tag. It sprouted from me always being the odd one out in most activities. The only child. The only adult. The only parent. The only girl. The only black girl. I actually like being the odd one though. Gives me a sense of belonging lol

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    Re: Petnames

    Quote Originally Posted by NevesElocin View Post
    You'll live Gen-chan.l
    Lie's! He will die... o.O

    Anyway i have a few pet names.Most i like, some i hate. But the one that i would like the most but yet hate at times is Toni. Don't ask me the logic in that because i'm not even going in to it >.> .
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    Re: Petnames

    I can tell by the nickname how long someones known me or when they met me, because mine are always changing. All leave those ones be.

    But anyway.

    I have no respect in the given names for people. Unless it's Micheal and everyones calls him mike. I'd call him Micheal. Same as Chirstopher, Samuel, and Robert, So on and so forth. I think it makes em stand out so what.

    But most of the time I don't care on the basic standards. I call them Sheep and Meow. !

    Something like "Get over here sheep" Or "Yo! Sad case" Something out of the norm.

    And since I do this. I have not got a nickname "Sheep" and "Meow"

    I do like calling hot guys "Ken-doll" though. It's fun =P "Get over here Ken-Doll"
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    Re: Pet names

    ^o^ "Yo! Sad case" <-- that's my favorite~

    well, Soshi already posted our nicknames, so i'll mention the family nicknames~

    Father = "Pops", mostly cuz he acts very old fashioned, so it seems to fit him very well
    Mother = "Mamacita" or "Madre" (with an emphasis on the "-dre"), mostly to make up for the fact that i can't speak Spanish... and cuz it sounds cute
    Sister = "Big Sister".... it's funny cuz she's barely 5ft. and i'm almost 6ft.... and she's also "bigger" than me, wink!
    Niece = "Bahtoria". cuz someone called her "Atoria" and she HATED it... i call her "Bahtoria" cuz it sounds like "butt"

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    Re: Pet names

    I call my brother Franco...........real name Benifranco............lols or aya....

    my sweetie i call : Sweets....lols i know he is rolling over in protest right now... or Luc short for Lucious ...

    My best friend i call Shoti .......( younger brother and he hates to be called that)

    all in all not everyone i know i call by a pet name unless they are special.
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    Re: Pet names

    I'm Ozz. Sometimes Ozzy, though I don't really like that.
    A friend of mine and me are referring to each other as Guido, because, well, yeah. Doesn't matter. :P

    My brother's called Specki or Spacko, he doesn't really like that either but he's already used to it, so it's okay.
    Mother: Inti or mater mea. Yeah, I rock latin.
    Dad: Tati. That's how you call your dad in tyrol. <:

    That's about it I guess. I have nick or pet names for most of my friends actually, I won't list all of them. It's just something I do if I know the person good. Not from the first moment but it just happens later on.
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    Re: Pet names

    I call my husband Poopie and Cutie. And i call my son booger. LOL, i think
    its cute and i'm not sure how we got to those names, but so it happens.
    I call my ma Lady and i call my brother Schmoe. I think i have a name for pretty much everyone close to me. And i just relized thats kinda wierd???

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