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Thread: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

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    Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Ah, such a wonderous topic :D
    Anyways, please limit your "pet peeves" to the top 5 or less ok?
    I've seen people on other forums post never-ending lists. (if you hate everything, just put "everything" on there ^^)


    -When my cat tries clawing my head open at 2 in the morning! DX
    -When the cat leaves gored "presents" at my bedroom door
    -Laughter that is so loud the whole freaking town can hear
    -Not being able to find the remote
    -When someone sitting right next to you in a movie theatre asks, "Hey, did you see that?!" Noooo... I payed $9.00 to come in here and stare at the floor for two hours!!

    "Look man, one of us is going to have to tackle you, and it's going to be very uncomfaturable... for everyone invovled!"

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Here's some of my pet peeves:
    -Idiots who say stupid shit
    -people who bug u to death and won't shutup
    -racist people saying stuff they think they won't get in trouble for
    -bossy people
    -people who think they are better than everybody else

    and there's a lot more,but u said 5 or less.

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Yeah i also hate racist people also.
    Dumb jokes.
    People who make fun of others for being handicap.
    Hannah Montanna.
    Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    to go along with everyone else
    -Racist people (^.^)
    -Those who try to make themselves look better than others by making fun of people.
    -Girls that call themselves fat when they weigh like 100 pounds. -_-
    -When you tell someone to leave you alone and they dont
    -my cat standing in the door way for 5 to 10 minutes cuase she cant decide if she wants to go oustide or not.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    I hate it when every single lighter I own, is out of fluid.

    When the toilet paper is facing the wrong way on the roll. The paper should come off the top, people.

    Knuckle cracking sends shivers down my spine. If -I- do it, it is unintentional.

    Having collard greens with no cornbread. Chili with no crackers, (or sour cream). And spaghetti with no bread and butter. (Im counting those as one)

    And...... I hate when people assume I don't know, or am unaware of something.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Some of my pet peeves . . . man where do I start??

    Number One: Talking in Doorways

    Seriously, why do people do this? There's no telling how many times I have come to the entrance to a building or a room where I will see a group of two or more people talking right in the doorway completely oblivious to the fact that people need to use that one doorway to gain entrance to whatever facility they are blocking. Not to mention the fact that if you try to get in or out by politely saying excuse me or something of the like, many of the time they will look at you like you are the one doing something wrong and inconsiderate.

    Number 2: Stupid Drivers

    I think everyone has met a person like this on the road. You know that guy who cuts you off and you have to slam on your brakes because if you don't you'll ram into his rear end? Or the guy who suddenly feels the urge to cross over 5 lanes in one fail swoop with no regard to everyone else on the road? Or the guy who is trying to get on the highway/interstate while chatting on the cell phone, applying make-up, or some other mundane thing that you really shouldn't be doing while driving and almost rams you into the side of your car because of his or her inattention.

    For some reason I can't think of anymore. I know there are more but nothing else is coming to mind. Oh well, maybe I'll list more as they come to me.

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Heh yeah agree with some stuff you guys have said and:
    -Hate it when people be racist.
    -Dislike when people act like there better then others.
    -People who cheap shot waaay too much in videos games such as Super Smash bros.
    -People who are ass/Idiots/retarded in public or the internet.
    -Coming across retarded/offensive crap without meaning to on the internet.

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Ah...so many I have lol. Where to start...?

    •People who can't type worth a f*** when talking to someone over the ineternet. It's hard to understand you when you don't use commas or periods!!!

    •People assuming that I don't know something. Don't assume I don't know it and lecture me about it! It's so ANNOYING!

    •Really really LOUD people. If I'm standing right next to you, there is no need to scream or shout in my flipping ear!

    •When someone is better at me in anything but sports. I knwo it sounds bad, but I'm being seriouse. If I find out that someone is better than me at something, I work hard at it and try to get better at that thing. I gave up at sports...I know I just plain suck at them.

    •And finally, people who think they are all that because they can do something. This one is just self-explanitory.

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