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Thread: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    1 - People who talk in cycles without making a point.

    2 - People who are drama addicts.

    3 - Negative, cynical and pessimistic people who spread misery.

    4 - Conceit

    5 - People who can't share their feelings and open up when you already have known them for awhile.

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    -I hate those people in the movie theater who are extremely vocal. Unfortunately I have a friend like that, who loves to tell me what is about to happen next, who she thinks is cute, and gasps and cries when something bad happens.

    -Little girls being dressed up as prostitutes. Oh, we all know that's what they look like! Who let you leave the house like that? Oh, wait, your mom is standing next to you talking to her friends who have daughters dressed the same way.

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    I hate stupid questions like:
    A: my purse got stolen!!!!
    B: by whom????
    A: .....

    At the restaurant:

    A: what are you doing here?
    B: Nothing... I thought I might come and chill with the waiters.....

    At the superbowl stadium:

    A: hey!!! what are you doing here?
    B: Nothing... just came to take a nap....

    A: I lost my phone!!!!
    B: Where???
    A: >...<

    For me that will be what I hate the most....
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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Quote Originally Posted by mystical shadow angel View Post
    Swearing loudly in public is also annoying and completely unnecessary, especially when there are kids around. I'm starting to see more and more kids swearing too. I lay the blame on the adults and teenagers who walk around swearing for the world to hear. No one needs lessons on how to swear.

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    I also detest it when people cough without turning away and/or covering their mouths. It's gross and revolting. People who block my way are rude, and I get an insane urge to push and shove (but I'm too nice to go through with it, being the gentleman that I am xD).

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    Things I Hate the most is
    * people who act like complete idiots to other people.
    * People who think there cool because, they shop at Abercrombie, Hollister, and etc.
    *People who follow the crowds and not be them selfs.
    * people who rolls there eyes behind there head.. *shivers* it just creep me out a lot
    *People who are so immature and needs to get a life.
    *Guys who are so afraid to ask a girl out. GOD! hello. If you want to go out with them. Stop being so afraid and just do it!

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    Re: Pet Peeves, things you hate the most

    So true ppl.
    1.i hate da fact dat i am 4“11” if dat really iz my height n evryone iz bugging me how short i am n i dnt believe ive grown since 2 years before
    2.i HATE WARS i bug me da fact dat retarded ppl fighting over something so damn stupid...AREN'T WE ALL HUMANS..y cnt ppl 4get about wars n worry about global warming...WE NEED PEACE AROUND HERE PPL THINK B4 DOING
    3 I hate da fact dat ppl think money iz everything...which it isn't
    4i hate dat my mom neva understand da way i ffel when i want 2 spend time wit my friends she is way overboard of bein overprotective..i always have 2 bring my twin bro evrywhere if im invited somewhere
    5 child abuse,rape,kidnapping,murdering etc i hate those 2 if they cnt get wat they want they will do anything so that a person would feel da same problem
    dats about i strongly dislike a lot of things but these r my top 5...XD

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