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Thread: Pets Pets pets!

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    Re: Pets Pets pets!

    i have two small dogs and one big one two horses two goats me and the male goat fight alot its fun do (we only headbuted onse very bad idea still fun thow)

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    Re: Pets Pets pets!

    sorry to hear that arekandera, The cat I had was the same way.
    Some times she would show up for a week too, once almost two weeks. hope you find her.

    Ouch Trojan man I bet that did hurt. My brother had a stear call homer and he all ways used to treat me like a bucking bag. I think my brother taught him that...

    Kamen Rider....DECADE!!!

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    Re: Pets Pets pets!

    I have two cats! =]

    One is named Dexter and he's about 2 years old.
    the other is named D. Luffy! He's only a month old now ^_^

    Dexter is rather mellow most of the time. But there are times where he is really... Hyper! lol. He likes feet for some reason. That's his fetish xD.
    Sometimes he hides under things and waits for people's feet to come close... then he attacks. He's a really nice cat though ^^

    Luffy... well, there isn't much to tell so far. But he IS the picture-book kitten =] He's really playful, too! When he was born he fell somehow, injuring his lower back... =/ ... But now he's MUCH MUCH better ^___^ He's running almost as fast as the typical kitten his age!! =D

    So those are MY pets ^.^

    Meow. :3

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    Re: Pets Pets pets!

    This is Beowulf, he is badass.

    bow to him

    He is a SiberGermanRotsky. (In English, Part Siberian Husky, part Rottweiler, part German Sheperd.)

    He's white with black and brownish big spots. He has Whitish Blue Husky eyes, and both his ears stick up, but he only likes to keep one up. He's about 75 pounds now, and I swear to god was the cutest f***king puppy out there.

    he about 60 times bigger than that unicorn now.

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    Re: Pets Pets pets!

    I have four cats who are named:
    Cheetoh - Is orange. He reminds me of a ballerina because he sticks his legs out while he licks himself.
    Orion- Is black and white. He is almost bald because he licks himself so much and he is my scarf because he'll lay around my neck and purr and do the paw thing.
    Garret- Is orange and white.Is unbelievable fat and he will talk to you if you say his name.
    Sir Iyngva (Sir Eeng vay)- Is orange and white. He is my cat. He chases his tail, spazzes (I luv to spazz), and purrs alot.
    I have a horse named Crimson, she is chestnut colored but glows amber in the sun. She is very stubborn but sweet all the same.
    Two dogs:
    Andy- Is cream and is a mix between a Polmeranian and something else. He has a butt fetish and humps anything he sees. He is very smart though.
    Jasper whom I call Butt Face because he is stupid and ugly. Xp He is brown and chews up everything in sight. Oh did I mention he pees himself when he gets excited?
    I have a turtle named 'HomeRun' because we found him at a ball park with a damaged eye.
    Well, I think that's all. X3 Interesting huh? XD I have alot of animals.
    Self-sacrifice brings me the greatest of joys. ~ Tifa

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