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Thread: pointless conversation

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    pointless conversation

    Ever had a pointless conversation. I was on the train, about 5.30 in the morning after a all night clubing for a friend party with 4 other guys travelling home. Now I had a whole chair row to myself trying to get some sleep, now all I heard was a talk with no point at all what so ever. All I heard was like "La" in "Lakamba" or "Punch" in "Punchbowl". Stuff like that. Trying to find words in the station lines that we haven't pased or those where we had stoped at. But hey 5.30 in the morning after a all night party, anything we say would be funny.

    Most of you had a pointless conversation, havent you?
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    Re: pointless conversation

    Yeah I've had plenty of pointless conversations I've talked to my friends one time for 2 and a half hours on bodily waste 0_0 I don't have any idea why we did...but for some reason my friends got into a conversation about different colors and what could be found in it and....ewwwwww....just disgusting altogether

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    Re: pointless conversation

    When one is bored... oh yeah... those are the typical conversations... at least for me it is.... when I am bored the topic conversation eve with my best friend can be about why we wore green socks to class... pretty pointless... who cares why... but we were just plain bored and tired from a full day of class... it can turn pretty funny tho... and later on when you think about it... it was just plain stupid... but that's the enjoyment of life... talk about stupid things and enjoy the moment.. I bet you that from that day that's the moment you remember the most... since it was pointless, stupid... and enjoyable
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    Re: pointless conversation

    i have the pointless conversation a lot and i mean a lot of it...countless...when the teacher
    late come to the classroom...or while doing homework(don't ever talking when doing homework,concentrate on your work,don't try this!)i talk with my friends who like talk about boys which i don't take part too much...talk shit about other classmate...teacher...ourself...well,almost everything including toilet at our school...we waste a lot of time talking about that...

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    Re: pointless conversation

    Definitely, I actually think most conversations are pointless.
    but pointless conversations aren't always a bad thing. It mainly gives my brain a chance to just chill and not over think itself.

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    Re: pointless conversation

    i personaly love pointless convos because they help determine if you and that person or people have anything in common and it is kinda funny because a point less convo can actually lead somewhere

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    Re: pointless conversation

    I talk to people for a living, so of course I have had too many pointless conversations.

    Like this one guy called in to argue about his bill which he didn't even read. Wanted to talk about how all people are equal. The guy would not let me off the phone until I had agreed with him about us being "equal people."

    Then there was this drunk guy who wanted me to disable his girlfriends phone from dialing 911 because he didn't want her to be able to call for help. Another pointless conversation since you can't stop a phone from calling 911. Unless the phone is smashed or something.

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    Re: pointless conversation

    I don't like rambling or gibberish or else would join a glossolalia or speaking in tongues group not because religion doesn't approve of it but because it is a complete waste of time in that it has no rhyme or reason and would otherwise miss the point of more organized minds.

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