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Thread: Portrait of yourself.

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    Re: Portrait of yourself.

    Although i cant top kedar's well said response, I do somewhat(and try to) strive to have that kind of attitude and devotion towards my contribution to those around me.

    Just looking at my room would have given off the impression that i am very music driven as well as very medial. Unfortunately i dont think anyone around me would identify me as who i think i am.(complicated but pretty much true). But i think that the friends i've made online are the ones that understand and know my true self.

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    Re: Portrait of yourself.

    I guess I have many things that define me and can b surmised as a "Portrait of Myself." My art and writin', of which I am tryin' ta get back inta, I haven' done it inna while since my aunt died. They best represent my heart and feelings, I jus' more than do my work; I feel it. I would also say that my friends, both on-line and not, r also somethin' that define me. My friends r the greatest group of people I've ever known, includin' all of u here on Animeonline. My family also r the glue that binds me together, even when I feel like fallin' apart. And last, but most certainly not the least, my bout wit cancer. I'd like ta think that it has made me a stronger and better person, that's it left me wit a certain epiphany 'bout myself, the people around me, and life itself. If ever there were any "Portraits of Myself," then those would b it.

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    Re: Portrait of yourself.

    What I consider a portrait of myself is the music and melodies I write... They are the pure reflection of me... however... my attitudes and actions during the interaction with ppl determine who I really am... even when I express silence words to ppl...
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    Re: Portrait of yourself.

    Hard to say. I thiiiiiink.... the music I compose. I'm very passionate about the arts, and in all the things I do - draw, play music, write - music is probably the only area in which I can effectively channel all my emotions and produce... well, music, spontaneously. Writing and drawing requires me to think. But playing music... I dunno, it just flows w/o me having to sit down and properly compose some kind of aria, just like that. You can tell what I'm feeling, just by listening to what I play. I don't think I've ever felt so strongly about anything else before.

    That, I guess, would be my "portrait".

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    Re: Portrait of yourself.

    Hmmm... This is quite an interesting topic, I must say. A seemingly simple question that yields complicated answers.

    This is something quite relative really... Everyone has a slightly skewed angle of the world; and thus, the definition of (a) portrait/s would vary expansely.

    I believe there is no such thing as a human portrait. We live our lives in pieces - bit by bit, and not by whole.

    To label our social and personal states of being as "portraits" would be somewhat of an overstatement because it demeans our purpose of living. A part does not describe a whole just as, inversely, a whole cannot be described without its parts.

    One single product of our creative imagination cannot measure up to who we are. They simply give an idea of the how and why of our persona.

    This also applies to our relationships with people. May it be loved ones or minute acquaintances, they are still pieces that have passed and will pass us by.

    That is why when we try to know ourselves, we refer to these significant bonds collectively and not singularly.

    Admittedly, I do not understand myself, and I don't think I ever will. I can only hope to see what I have become through a mixture of concrete and intangible relations that shape the way I think and act from time to time.

    Going back, there was never really any portrait of myself to begin with. There are only fragments of what was made or what has affected me in moments both noticed and unnoticed. They are like small sparks, silent echoes and insignificant autographs that mark only of the smallest bit of the vast world.

    It is unseen, yet it is what makes me recognize - not define - myself.

    I do not wish - no, I refuse - to gauge my existence merely on the material works I receive or possess. A portrait should fail to be one-sided because it is a complete and well-rounded image of what was and what will be.

    Thus, if I were to chose one indispensible fragment, it would have to be the philosophies I hold in my life. They are, after all, the reasons why I chose to be.

    Sadly, I don't think I will ever accomplish a portrait of myself or in turn live to "see" it as a matter of fact.

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