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Thread: power walks

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    Re: power walks

    Power walking for me is a life style, not a hobby. Gas is like, crazy expensive when your car is over ten years old, so if something is within a mile of where I live, then I usually powerwalk.

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    Re: power walks

    lol i do power walks but i dont really call them that i live about 2 and a half miles from school and being 15 it sucks so i just walk i guess it would be power walking lol cus i carry my bass and its hard case witch weights a ton lol

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    Re: power walks

    lol sry i hate to walk what i do relieve stress and problmes at home is goiong away somewhere alone and listen to music -that is in harmony with my mood-im too lazy to walk XD LOL
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    Re: power walks

    Quote Originally Posted by Manga artist View Post
    LOL ^^ Maybe if you wore roller skate you get the faster.
    I do like roller skating.
    Problem is you have a little less control in skating, and you're limited to where you can run on (unless you have an amazing sense of balance on your feet).

    I haven't skated in a while, so I'd most likely fall on my face if I tried again. But I'll eventually get around to it... (roller skates are somewhere in my closet right now)

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